1-800-345-7669: Sony Chat Customer Service

1-800-345-7669: Sony Chat Customer Service

In this post, we will talk about Sony Chat Customer Service. If you are searching for a 1-800-345-7669 phone number, here you will find all the contact information regarding Sony live support.

Sony is arguably America’s most essential and valuable amusement technologies manufacturer and supplier; brokers may reach it by calling their different customer service telephone numbers.

Between computers, televisions, cameras, mobile devices, and home audio gear, not to mention their PlayStation, Sony manages to split a considerable quantity of land in which American customers like to participate. Sony prioritizes giving complete support services via its online support center, allowing clients to search by choosing a particular technology area.

Then, their question could categorize. Clients often consult Sony’s live support web page to find components and accessories, ask questions concerning fixing and establishing Sony goods, and much more.

Besides having agents able to take care of specific claims, there’s also a Sony “Support Network” YouTube channel. As an alternative, you may use run search bars to locate answers for the specific product model you’re searching for.

Finally, there’s a “Contact Us” section that offers advice on Chat Support, Email Service, and Phone 800 345 7669 Services – which can be categorically split between the numerous services and products Sony supplies.

Sony Phone Numbers

Many numbers may utilize to talk to Sony; nonetheless, there’s probably one that will deliver the quickest results according to your query’s character.

1-800-345-7669: To contact Sony live support

1-855-806-8462: To get mobile service

800-883-6817: To contact Sony’s Product Operational Support

877-398-7669: To contact Sony’s Professional Services

Sony Mailing Address

Sony eSupport

Sony’s support site arouses its segments with distinct categorical themes. By clicking on “Contact Us,” you’re exposed to many different customer service choices for Sony’s other goods, in addition to alternatives for the practice of submitting your queries, such as email, phone, or instant chat.

How to call Sony Customer Chat Service at 1-800-345-7669?

Follow these steps and get a live agent on the phone:

Here are the voice menus, which the automated voice will ask when you call Sony Chat Customer Service:

Representatives Hours for Sony Chat Customer Service

Sony consumer support service is available from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm.

Sony Social Links

As a new in and of itself, Sony could locate on all significant social networking platforms– together with lots of its most well-known products, which have their dedicated pages. In addition, Sony comes with an impressive group of Facebook merchandise and sub-brand individual pages.

Social networking accounts for specific Sony products and solutions may also discover on these platforms with the following web pages.

Sony Email Support

You can send them an email at PlayStationSponsorships@sony.com. However, this method is slow to get respond. The best process to phone them is by phone number 1 800 345 7669 or Sony Customer Service Chat on social media or live chat with Sony support.

How to Speak to a Live Agent?

When you call the customer service phone number at 1 (800) 345-7669, you will greet by an automated system. For most queries, this is not ideal as you want to speak to a live person. Fortunately, getting a natural person on the phone is easy if you are patient and listen to all options.

If you want to speed up the process, you must know which item to select from their main menu.

Here is the first main menu of options you can select:

1: Accessing your PlayStation Network account or resetting the password

2: Charges on your PlayStation network account

3: Troubleshooting PS4 controllers

4: Lastly, PlayStation VR

If you aren’t sure what number to press, wait and press five. Once you dial in and connect to the automated system, you must press five for all other inquiries.

Please wait a few seconds while they process your request. Then, within a few seconds, you should be connected to an agent if one is available. Otherwise, you may have to wait on a brief hold until someone can answer your question.

Contacting Sony Live Chat

Sometimes, you may not be able to remain on the phone and hold for a customer service agent. In this scenario, you may have better luck engaging with the Sony live chat feature on their website.

They have a live chat function for every category of products they sell. To access their online chat function, you need to head over to their main support page for this option.

Then, choose the group that best matches your inquiry. Once you do this, a new window will appear asking you for your personal information before connecting you to a live agent.

You will require to enter your first name, last name, email address, case number (if applicable), and subject. Wait briefly, and they will connect you to the appropriate person who can answer your questions.

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