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Common Cyber Threats Business Faces and How to Prevent them

Technology has significantly become part of daily business operations. From automation of processes to access of different products/services, and improving customer experience. And it’s no secret with technology; you can do anywhere, have any time interactions with your customers, sign contracts, and make purchases with ease.

Despite the connectivity and easy interaction, the same technology has made most businesses vulnerable. It has provided technological loopholes or opportunities for cybercriminals to access or control different business data. Something that calls for businesses to be extra vigilant so that they don’t fall victims to cyber-attacks. Identity theft is one of the primary reasons cyber-attacks occur. If you are a victim of identity theft you are at risk suffering various forms of damage, most often financially. Understanding how to navigate this scenario is important and considering specialist law firms like Fair Credit or Norton Rose Fulbright are worthy guides. Cyber-attacks happen on a regular basis, prevention remains the primary method in combating cyber-attacks. Nowadays, a VPN is one of the greatest online security tools. In this ExpressVPN review, you will find out why it’s so beneficial to so many people and businesses. Also, later in this article you will read other ways to prevent these cyber-attacks.

So, What’s a Cyber-Attack?

This is the illegal access of someone’s information or taking control of an organization’s computer networks and stealing their data.

Simply put, a cyber-attack is an attack launched by criminals from their computers against another computer system. The criminals’ goal here is to disable the target computer network and steal, alter or destroy information. In most cases, they achieve their goals through:

Disruption, Distortion, and Deterioration

These are the most powerful ways through which criminals can get access to your business data. They may bait you into creating or making some quick fixes. Some may even pretend to be putting you at their mercy by helping to assist you through your business operations.

But instead send you predetermined outages to distract you from your regular operation, change your data or take complete control of the business operation systems. Cyber-attackers can disrupt, distort or take control of your business computer by sending different cyber threats.

Here are Some of the Common Cyber-Attacks every Business must Watch out for.

For criminals to get access to your computer networks or systems, then they would have deployed one of the following threats:

Phishing Attacks

This is the most damaging and commonly used computer attack technique. It accounts for up to 90% of all business network hacks. Phishing attacks happen when cyber-criminals pretend to be trusted people within the business management. They then trick the victims into downloading or clicking their malicious link.

Because the attackers have pretended to be trusted persons within the business, they will sometimes entice their target to give them sensitive information like passwords. The bad actors may then use this information to fraudulently steal from the company or its staff.

Malware Attack

Malware is considered the second most cyber security threat to most small and big businesses. It includes a variety of malicious threats like Ransomware, Trojans, and viruses. So, with malware attacks, cyber-criminals use different corrupting software or codes to corrupt the business computer network.

So how do the attackers get into another network? Once they have created the corrupting application, they send the malicious code as spam emails connected to their infected devices. They also come from website downloads.

Through malware attacks, the attackers strive to have continuous access to the business. Worst is, the software allows them to spy on the company’s network to get sensitive information to destroy, encrypt or extort the victims’ files/documents.

They are also damaging as they can cripple various business expensive devices that may require excessive repairs and replacements.

Man in the Middle

This is a common threat where cyber-criminals intercept the communication between the business and its stakeholders. In other words, a man in the middle is where attackers interpose themselves in the middle of data or communication flow.

If the communication is about the business finances and sensitive information like account password is shared. In that case, the attackers can take advantage and drain all the business accounts.

So, How Can the Business Prevent Cyber-Attacks?

Use of Secure Software

Every business must ensure they deploy very secure software. Therefore, invest in multi-layered, traceable, and robust backup systems that can help you prevent any attacks. Cyber security training is advised to ensure you are updated on the latest trends.

Intensify Cyber Security awareness amongst your Staff

Train or educate your employees on various security elements like:

  • The effects of accepting emails or downloading unknown files
  • Safe security practices, including regularly changing and using stronger passwords
  • Observing all the business and personal data is always secure


Business data breaches are not a new thing! Most cyber-criminals have found ways to steal, destroy, manipulate, or distort many business data/information by deploying different cyber threats. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of every business to ensure that they use secure computer networks with stronger passwords and multi-layered backup systems.

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