eSports Write For Us – Contribution and Submission Post

eSports Write For Us – Contribution and Submission Post

eSports Write For Us

eSports describes the world of competitive and organized video games. Competitors from different leagues or teams vie in the same games popular with gamers at home: Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Madden NFL, first name a few -ones. These players are seen and followed by millions of fans worldwide, who attend live events or tune in on TV or online. Streaming services like Twitch allow spectators to watch their favourite gamers play in real-time, and it’s usually where popular gamers grow their fandoms. You can send your article to

Where is the Money in eSports?

According to research by Newzoo, eSports revenues will reach $906 million worldwide in 2018. By 2019, this figure is expected to surpass $1 billion.

It’s a lucrative market, not only for gamers but also for video game brands and producers. For example, Madden 19, featured at the Jacksonville tournament, is part of EA’s long-running Madden franchise. Since its beginning approximately 30 years ago, the EA Madden franchise sell over 130 million units, totalling over $4 billion in revenue.

eSports players, just like traditional athletes, can make a lot of money: tournaments can bring in millions of dollars in prize cash, which is usually split among players on winning teams. This means that the best players in the world can easily earn seven figures in a year. Groups and event organizers also benefit from ticket sales for these competitions. That popular League of Legends tournament of 2017? It generated $5.5 million in label sales.

After filming, EA Sports cancelled the three remaining Madden Classic qualifying events to review safety protocols for competitors and spectators, according to a statement released by the gaming company.

Players also earn money through endorsements, sponsorships, and league salaries. To that end, Newzoo reports that brands will invest $694 million in esports ventures this year unaided.

According to the information and the seemingly unstoppable cultural impetus, esports will continue to grow as an industry – and a hobby – for the foreseeable prospect. However, by the end of 2018, 1.6 billion people will have little of esports, more than a fifth of the world’s inhabitants. So if you haven’t heard much about esports yet, give it some time. Its spread, both global and cultural, is inevitable.

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