Got Documents to Send? Convert Them to PDF First!


PDFs – One must have various tools to accomplish tasks efficiently in an online context. You may need excellent office tools, communication and conferencing devices, and many more. If you handle transactions and exchanges of information with other people, there’s no doubt that you will encounter documents. You either receive such files or send them through email. 

Of course, there can be issues to face when working in an online environment. Your files may get messed up on your recipient’s end for various reasons you might not be aware of. Aside from being embarrassing, such a case creates inconvenience and delays for the other person. Here’s how you can solve that, plus some tips to maintain the confidentiality of your documents.

Preserve document formatting with Word to PDF conversion

Before going to the specifics of how to convert Word to PDF, you might be wondering what PDF is. More formally known as the Portable Document Format, PDF is a standard file format preferred by many when sharing files. They are commonly used to ensure that the document formatting of files gets preserved even on other devices.

How is that possible? PDF files essentially function as images or pictures of your files’ contents. That’s why they will appear precisely similar, or in other words, identical on any device used to open them. They will be delivered to your recipient as to how you left them, with no changes at all.

Converting your Word Documents to PDF 

Now, let’s talk about file conversion. You will need some Word to PDF file conversion tools to do this because they are convenient and abundant on the web.

Using paid or free tools is up to you, as there are various software applications and online tools available for you. We recommend using the well-known tool, which is PDFBear’s Word-to-PDF converter.

How to use PDFBear’s Word to PDF Converter

The tool we introduced to you provides excellent services for free, so anyone can use it even if they’re tight on budget. Of course, you can avail a paid subscription to gain more options and functions, but converting your Word documents to PDF files can be done without any cost. Do the following steps below to render high-quality PDFs: 

  1. Go to the Word to PDF converter on PDFBear’s website.
  2. Select and upload the documents that you want to convert.
  3. The conversion tool will start the process automatically, so all you have to do is wait.
  4. Download your newly converted PDF once done.

All the processes involved when using this converter occur securely online with PDFBear’s superior cloud technology. That’s why there’s no need to install any kind of software application. You have saved time, effort, storage, and computer memory by using this tool. Converting your Word documents to PDF should be this easy!

What you need to know about PDF Password Protection?

Aside from preserving document formatting, you can also secure your files to ensure that no other person gets access to your intellectual property. Confidentiality, privacy, security, and things are relevant to them is a crucial considerations in a professional setting. After all, information leaks and such issues may incur financial and legal liabilities.

PDF is widely recognized to be the most secure file format compared to others. Such a case is thanks to its feature of password protection. This excellent attribute of PDFs allows people to gain several levels of access and control depending on the password type used. The two primary PDF password types are the user and master key.

If one intends to open a specific PDF document, using the user password will suffice. Its only function is to open your file. Meanwhile, you can control what other people can do to your files by using a master, otherwise known as permissions, password. You can disallow printing to avoid leaving physical copies of your document.

Using PDF passwords can also help prevent changes from being made to your files. After all, though PDFs are challenging to edit, there exist some tools to accomplish the task. You can further ensure that no one gets to modify your document by using a master password to restrict editing.

Compressing PDFs can Reduce their Sizes

The size restrictions imposed on email attachments have always been a huge problem for many people. They can cause delays and issues for both parties in collaborating groups. What happens is that the huge files can’t be attached to the email because they exceed the threshold. Regardless, you can compress your PDF files to reduce their sizes.

PDFBear also offers compression aside from file conversion. By using their corresponding tool,  you can render your files to be in an email-ready size. All you need to do after is to upload and attach them without any worry. Doing this also reduces the risk of damage or corruption to your documents. 


PDFs are preferred as file-sharing devices for certain reasons. They are useful for the preservation of document formatting, ensuring the confidentiality of information, and convenient file attachments. So, if you’ve got urgent documents to send, take a few minutes to convert them to PDF first. PDFBear is your friend in this regard.

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