Home Remedies for Treating Wounds in Cats 

Home Remedies for Treating Wounds in Cats 

Returning home to an injured cat is a familiar scenario with young felines with a lot of energy to get into mischief around the house. While they may not be much you can do to keep their high activity at bay, there are home remedies that you can trust for helping cats recover from wounds and injuries.

While you surely want to help your pet feel better when they are ill or injured, you want to know that home remedies are not a complete form of medical treatment. And as such, you want to seek professional advice when your cat is ill or injured. However, there is no deny the fact that there is an effective treatment for cat wounds you can prepare at home.

Dealing with Cat Wounds and Injuries

The first thing is to be able to tell that your cat is in some form of discomfort. And since they can’t be able to tell you when they need urgent attention, it is up to you to be able to identify the signs. Some of the tell signs that your pet may be injured include

It could be easier to identify an open wound and more challenging if you have to locate an internal injury. And in cases where you can’t seem to find where the problem lies, you want to get in touch with a vet to provide professional assistance.

Home Remedies for Treating Wounds in Cats

Whether you are looking at an open wound or internal injury, you can find simple homemade preparations that can provide temporary relief to your cat before you get them to the clinic. And some of the best options when looking for a  home remedy for cats with wounds and injuries include

Saline Solution

When it comes to minor open wounds, you can trust saline solutions to come to the rescue. The use of saline solution has been a long practice that has helped with treating wounds of all kinds. And you can find it helpful when it comes to helping to keep infection at bay when dealing with an open wound. You can use saline solution to clean the area around the injury to get rid of dirt and debris.

It could also be useful when you need to remove a foreign object from your cat’s eyes. While this is an inexpensive way to deal with pet injuries, getting your feline to stay calm while you apply the treatment is always a challenge. So it may be a superior idea to ask for help from someone while you administer the treatment.

Chamomile Tea

Just as you can trust chamomile tea to come to the rescue when you need fast and potent relief from digestion-related problems and skin irritations, you can also trust it will help your cat when you need to take care of an open wound. Potent as a natural disinfectant, the chamomile plant is known to offer soothing relief from skin-related infections.

To get the best result, you want to make a preparation of chamomile tea by bringing the tea to a boil and then allowing it to cool in the refrigerator. Once cool, you can empty the tea into a spray bottle and apply it directly to the affected area. You will find it to be an inexpensive remedy that can be prepared in less than an hour if you have the chamomile plant readily available at home. You should use the preparation quickly and remake a new one after three days so you keep it fresh and safe.


You will also get the best homemade results when it comes to helping your pet recover from injury with the use of CBD oil. Known to be effective against conditions of pain and inflammation, you can trust that it will offer quick relief when dealing with an open wound or injury in your cat. You will have to make sure that you buy quality CBD oil for pets and follow the recommended advice on how to use it. This link https://allaboutcats.com/cbd-oil-for-cats has more on CBD oil for cats.

To treat wounds and injuries, you want to apply the oil directly to the area of the body where your cat is struggling with pain and inflammation. You can use CBD oil twice or thrice daily for a few days and be sure that it will help get your pet back on the path to wellness. You should make sure that you check with veterinary experts about using CBD oil for pet conditions safely.

Raw Honey

When it comes to a potent homemade antibacterial remedy that can help treat open wounds in cats, you can trust raw honey to be equal to the task. The best option is to opt for raw Manuka honey which has a high recognition when it comes to alternative medicine. Applying the honey around the site of injury can help with promoting healing by reducing inflammation and providing soothing relief as the injury heals.

You should do well to avoid regular honey as it may not have the right antibacterial properties to provide the needed relief to help deal with open wounds in felines. Remember the right choice is to go for raw Manuka honey for treating wounds and injuries. This page has more on using honey for pet injuries.

Final Note

Treating wounds and injuries in cats can be possible with the use of homemade remedies. You want to make sure to make use of the right preparations that will provide a positive solution to the wound or injury. The suggestions provided above are effective when it comes to dealing with wounds and injuries in cats.

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