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DealMonitor – Ardian takes over YT Industries – Home Buys Zen Tenants

The DealMonitor, our overview of investments and exits, offers all-day deals on working days. Today it’s about Planted, expert lead, Gitti, VoteBase, Signature Products, Home and Zenmieter, Ardian and YT Industries, as well as and trip. me.

In the current DealMonitor, we look at the most important, most exciting, and most exciting investments and exits of the day in the DACH region. All deals from the previous days are available in the extensive and precise DealMonitor archive.

Investments of DealMonitor


Vorwerk Ventures, Gullspang Re: food, Movendo Capital, Good Seed Ventures, Joyance, ACE & Company, and Be8 Ventures invest 19 million Swiss francs in Planted. The ETH Zurich spin-off, founded in July 2019 by Pascal Bieri, Lukas Böni, Christoph Jenny, and Eric Stirnemann, sells purely plant-based meat products. Vorwerk Ventures and Blue Horizon Ventures, the Swiss soccer star Yann Sommer, the old investors Stephan Schmidheiny, Good Seed Ventures, the Gaydoul Group, and the ETH Zurich Foundation and Joyance Partners only invested around 17 million Swiss francs in Planted in March 2021.

Expert Lead

Acton Capital Partners, Seek, Rocket Internet, and Kreos Capital invest 9.5 million euros in expert information.

And also, the Berlin HR startup, started in 2018 by Alexander Schomberg and Arne Hosemann, positions itself as a placement platform for freelancers from the tech industry. All candidates are put through their paces by an Expert lead, i.e., their skills check.

Investments of DealMonitor

They raised money will invest into the development and expansion of new and existing tools,” announced the company.


The German-French financiers Xange, Martin Avetisyan, and Alexander Frolov from Target Global are investing 6.9 million euros in gitti together with the old investors. Grazia Equity and btov Partners already invested 3 million euros in the Berlin nail polish startup at the end of 2020. Before that, Mirko Caspar, Christoph Honnefelder and Caren Genthner invested in the young company founded by Jennifer Baum-Minkus. In the founder show “Die Höhle der Löwen,” Judith Williams and Dagmar Wöhrl were most recently interested in the startup. The deal for 350,000 euros but burst after the show.


Football professional Manuel Neuer, Rose Bikes maker Marcus Diekmann and Shopware founder Stefan Hammann invest in VoteBase. The startup from Munich is developing an election app based on blockchain technology specially designed for elections with extremely high-security requirements, such as federal elections. And also, the payman Supervisor and Maximilian Pieters founded the company. The investors are now securing 10% of the start-up company.

Signature Products

As part of the BIPL-Innovation funding program, a six-figure sum – around 800,000 euros. It is going to the cannabis startup Signature Products. The company, founded by Florian Pichlmaier and Tobias Bühler in Pforzheim in 2019. And also, it offers a variety of hemp products – from raw material trading to extraction and end-consumer products. 20 employees are currently working for Signature Products.

Mergers & Acquisitions of DealMonitor

Zen Tenant

The Berlin PropTech Home, which supports landlords in managing or renting out their properties, is being taken over by PropTech Zenmieter.

“Home is taking over Zen tenant’s portfolio the brand doesn’t last,” the company announced. Zenmieter, a startup of the venture builder Stryber, positions itself as the “future of renting.” Landlords can rent their apartments directly to zen tenants.

The Munich startup, founded in 2020, has been active in Munich, Augsburg, Nuremberg, Fürth, and Erlangen.

Mergers & Acquisitions of DealMonitor

Home was founded in 2016 by Moritz von Hase and also Thilo Konzok. Home customers rent the apartment to the startup and are paid the rent directly by Home every month.

Capnamic Ventures, EQT Ventures. Redalpine Venture Partners and FJ Labs recently invested around 11 million euros in Home.

YT Industries

The investment company Ardian takes over the majority of the D2C company YT Industries. “The management team, led by former Amazon manager Sam Nicols who joined the company in 2020. And also, the founder and CVO Markus Flossmann, supported by Jacob Fatih’s business incubator Crealize. It will focus on building out the company’s product portfolio while simultaneously bringing YT’s brand. And also, customer experience to the next level”, announced the company. The cult mountain bike brand, founded in 2008 by Markus Flossmann and Jacob Fatih, currently offers 40 different models and matching clothing and accessories. The latest turnover was around 100 million. /

The travel startup from Bristol and trip. Me from Berlin are merging. “The merger creates one of the leading online marketplaces for personalized travel in the English and German-speaking countries.

Because of the expected boom in demand after the pandemic, the management teams. And also, investors see enormous potential in the merger combined with a significant increase in market shares,” the company said. In the merger, Active Partners and Gresham House Ventures are investing 2.9 million euros in the company. A total of 15.2 million has flowed into the company so far. found in 2013 by André Kiwitz, Matthias Woppmann, Stefan Richter and Yngrid Arnold. The “platform for tailor-made travel in the DACH market” support, among others, by the Recruit Group from Japan.

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