How To Deliver Better Customer Support Online?

The rise of e-commerce sites only solidified the importance of great customer support. But, today, this is also true for any kind of business, even those that have brick-and-mortar- stores. Users expect to instantly find answers to their questions and reach customer support agents.

For this reason, consistently offering high-quality customer support makes all the difference for the business and the customer experience of the users. So, how can you improve the customer support of your business? In this article, we have collated our best tips for enhancing the quality of your online customer service.


When your business is dealing with hundreds of queries every day or your business is already catering to a global audience – an AI-based chatbot might be the solution to your problems. Chatbots are software applications programmed to provide answers to the questions of the users on the site. They generally are well-equipped to address common queries, while for more complex problems, they will provide the user with a direct link to contact the customer support agents.

The main advantage of chatbots is that due to the AI-based technology, they are able to learn over time, even predict some responses and improve their answers. For the business, this means improved customer experience, decreased costs and workload for the agents.

For instance, online casinos feature complex websites with hundreds of options and casino games. Also, there are countless online casinos, so users need to compare different sites and read the best online casino reviews in order to avoid gaming platforms that don’t provide consistent care to their users.

This is why a lot of reliable online gambling platforms have chatbots to address the general concerns and questions of the users. The chatbot assists the users immediately and provides valuable insights to the casino about the frequent problems casino members face on the site.

Excellent Self-Service

No one should underestimate the importance of a great FAQ page. Although a lot of customers prefer to talk to customer support agents about any problem they might have, FAQ pages provide valuable information that might help different customers find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

In addition, if the platform is more complex, you might include video tutorials and written guidelines to help the users finish certain actions on the site.

For example, platforms like Shopify feature detailed written tutorials in their Help Centre that help members set up their Shopify stores, learn about the shipping policy and other important topics.


Every business needs to have a reliable method of capturing feedback from customers. This is a significant step because every business is unique and deals with unique issues. So, you need to stay on top of the feedback from your customers in order to make adjustments accordingly.

Otherwise, you might find nasty reviews plastered on your social media accounts which will only hinder the growth of your business.

For this reason, make sure to ask them to complete a survey after a conversation with the customer support agents or rate their customer experience on the site. If possible, provide them with an incentive to share their honest experience in more detail, like a discount or a cashback offer, for example.

Online Forums

Another great option is to create a forum where your knowledgeable customers are able to share their experiences and help other users on the site. This will foster a valuable relationship and a sense of community among your members.

It’s also a good way to decrease the workload of your customer support issues because, on the online forum, the users will be able to connect with other customers and get answers to their questions.

Multichannel Customer Support

Gone are the days where phone-based customer support was enough to take care of the customers. As businesses are digitalized, customers expect multiple options for communications on the websites. This is why a lot of online businesses not only offer support via phone or email, but they also have a live chat option and even use text messages and social media apps to provide instant customer support.

Although this isn’t a prerequisite for a great customer experience, it’s important to provide consistent and reliable customer support on different channels. For example, you might deliver customer support via phone or email, but you might not have the resources to provide other methods of communication yet. This is also fine as long as you handle the questions in a timely manner.

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