I Tamed A Tyrant And Ran Away

I tamed a tyrant and ran away. It is a novel book. It has more that fourty chapter coming on IMDB rating 4.5/5.0. So, it means this novel book has sold successfully business. Now coming on the story, Charlize was known as many througnut her first life. An abandones daughter of a noble kingdom’s sword when her heart can no longer take the fact that she has killed so many people and when she found herself as the younger verion of herself. Not wasting time to make use of blessing, but she first cut ties with her father. After that, her own term gets acknowledged for her talent. However, she meets the young prince Son of the emperor sons, full of talent. She asked if it was okay for him that she could be his teacher. After many trials and tribulation, she raised him up to a tyrant .She got tinny doubt is why her youngest student is making eye on me? Why does the alarm in the head sound? From my previous life, this means. I should see the runway. After a year later, her student became a perfect tyrant and dragged her back.

God has given him one more opportunity to get back after four years. As years go, he realized and returned  and decided that no one should have pride

My goal was to destroy the whole country. So, I was raise with a genius prince who lived in hiding before returning. Then he took up the empire for me, and I left him to achieve his goal. Then he says I came to pick you up Charlixe Ronan Dylan, who became a perfect tyrant after a year, found me after searching over all the continent

The character of I tamed A tyrant And Ran Away

The character’s names who played their role in I tamed a tyrant and run away. So, it is the best novel book to read and in every chapter bring more interesting situation, Now, you were got the curiosity to know characters

Akon Ronan as Charles’s first brother

Dante ronan as a chaley’s second brother

Kahu delmon as a duke Delmon’s small work fiance before the return

Lucy as an Assination  guild  leader

V Hugo as Dylan’s knight shadow

Paine beneus as a secret magician group

Alpierer  as  Alperia

Where To Read Noval Book of I tamed A tyrant And Ran Away.

Most people like to watch movies, or they want entertainment. Similarly, some of them like to read noval book firstly it helps you develop your communication skills. Secondly, by reading continuously, it brings you itself confidence. Finally, however, Reading makes you perfect knowledge able. You were searching for where to read. I tamed a tyrant ad ran away. We have found some websites that can be easy to read this novel

  1. Manga chill
  2. Muctau
  3. It novel

FAQ related to I tamed a tyrant and ran away

Q. Who is the writer of this novel

Yoo soo Yi

Q. In which language is it made?


Q. Which artist has worked in this novel?


Q. Total, how many chapters are there?


Q. By whom original novel published?

Tempo media, crescendo


I tamed a tyrant and ran away. It is a novel book. It has more than forty chapters coming on IMDB, rating 4.5/5.0. So, it means this novel book has successfully sold the business. Now coming on the story, Charlize was known as many throughout her first life. Comment us in Comment section. and support us by reading our article

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