Jai Bhim Movie Download and Watch

Jai Bhim Movie Download and Watch

Jai Bhim Movie Download

Jai Bhim Movie Download – Jai Bhim is a 2021 Indian Tamil legal drama film. The film deals with the issue of police bias and state violence against a marginalized community. Based on an actual incident from 1995 involving a case fought by Judge K. Chandru. And also, revolves around the lives of Sengeni and Rajakannu, a couple from the Irular tribe.

The police arrested Rajakannu and then disappeared from the police station. Sengeni seeks the help of a Chandru lawyer to get justice for her husband. Following an official statement in April 2021.

The film began principal photography that month, with extensive footage shot in Chennai and Kodaikanal. However, production was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and filming resumed in July 2021. It wrapped in September.

Jai Bhim premiered on Amazon Prime Video before Diwali on November 2, 2021, as part of a multi-film deal signed by 2D Entertainment. And also, the film was commended by critics, who praised the story, the performances, the direction, and also the social message, with several publications listing the film as “one of the best Tamil and Indian films of 2021”.

In November 2021, the film became the highest-rated film by users on IMDb with a score of 9.4/10, becoming the first Indian film to achieve the feat. The film was shortlisted among 276 films eligible for nomination at the 94th Academy Awards but failed to make the final nomination list.

Full Details of the Jai Bhim Movie Download

Director: T. J. Gnanavel

Writer: T. J. Gnanavel

Producer: Jyothika, and also Suriya

Star:  Suriya,  Lijomol Jose, and also  Manikandan

Cinematography: S. R. Kathir

Editor: Philomin Raj

Music: Sean Roldan

Production Company: 2D Entertainment

Distributor: Amazon Prime Video

Release Date: 2 November 2021

Running Time: 164 minutes

Country: India

And also, Language: Tamil

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Story of Jai Bhim Movie Download

In 1993, Rajakannu and Sengeni were a couple from the downtrodden Irula tribe who worked in upper-caste men’s fields to control the rat infestation and catch poisonous snakes. Rajakannu is called to a rich man’s house to see a snake that has snuck into a room.

The next day, a case of theft was reported when the man’s wife reported missing jewelry from her wardrobe, raising doubts about Rajakannu. The police raid Rajakannu’s house to find evidence. Rajakannu had left town earlier to go to work.

During the invasion, the police brutally hit and illegally detained a pregnant Sengeni. The police arrest other relatives: Rajakannu’s brother Iruttupan, his sister Pachaiammal, and his brother-in-law Mosakutty, and torment them into confessing where Rajakannu is.

The police find Rajakannu and put him in jail. They torture him into revealing the crime but free Segeni. Later, she informs that the three arrested men are on the run, and the police further threaten to tell them where they are.

Mythra, who teaches adults from the Irula tribe, discovers Chandru, a lawyer who defends cases for the tribal communities and convinces him to seek justice for Sengeni. After listening to Sengeni’s account of all events up to this point, Chandru files a habeas corpus case in the High Court.

The court initially advises them to file the motion in a lower court, but Chandru requests that the witnesses cross-examine, which is not the procedure in a habeas quantity case. But Chandru cites the Rajan case and the courtyard relents.

The Attorney General appearing before the police, relying on the officers’ testimony, argues that Rajakannu and the other two fled from custody on the night of their arrest. Lastly, finding gaps in the witness statements, Chandru discovers they are committing perjury.

More Story

And asks the court to investigate Sub-Inspector Gurumurthy (a casteist), Police Chief Veerasamy, and Policeman Kirubakaran. Attorney General Ram Mohan took up the case and, in defense of the police, declared that the three defendants fled to Kerala. Varadarajulu, Iruttapan’s employer, acknowledges that Iruttapan informed him that he fled to Kerala after committing a robbery through a phone call.

Chandru exposed that the three policemen in question traveled to Kerala to call Varadarajulu, who, Gurumurthy admits, imitated Iruttapan’s voice. And also, the court-appointed IG Perumalsamy as the lead at Chandru’s request.

After continuing the search for weeks, Chandru, Perumalsamy, and Mythra discover. Rajakannu’s body was found in the middle of a road about meters from the border of Pondicherry the day after his alleged escape. He cremated after being photographed as a stranger. They both believe that Rajakannu did not die from a car accident but rather from murder in prison.

Chandru consulted the pathologist who performed Rajakannu’s autopsy. The pathologist says the reason for death is a ruptured ribcage but speculates it could be due to being hit by a car. Veerasamy confesses to Ram Mohan that Rajakannu died in custody. Veerasamy is called Gurumurthy after death. Gurumurthy told Veerasamy that he should pretend they both escaped and leave Rajakannu on the road, framing his death from a car accident.

Mosakutty and Iruttapan were transferred to another prison in Kerala. After hearing this, Ram Mohan advised them to keep their story in court. Chandru checks the call in the past of the police station and informs the court that a call made to Gurumurthy’s residence at 9:10 p.m. does not corroborate Veerasamy’s testimony. Lastly, Chandru asks the court for more points to examine.


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