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Leona Aram Build – Rune, Characteristics

Leona Aram Build – Make sure you have Leona’s second Eclipse available if you start fights. 2nd, Eclipse, and Aftershock will grant you enough armor and magic resist to survive throwing at all five enemies in ARAM. Without it, you have no innate military protection and will be prone to getting knocked down. Remember that his third, Zenith Blade, will take you to the last champion hit, so be careful using it unless you want to place it there. Leona’s Solar Flare ultimate can hit multiple enemies on the crowded ARAM map, so get it right, preferably in combination with your ally’s AoE crowd control to finish off the enemy team.

Leona Aram Build Recommendation

Leona Aram Build Recommendation

These are the item crafting recommendations that work on Leona ARAM Build:

  • Winter Access Armored Steel Helmets Armor of Warmog Sunfire Aegis Convergence Spirit Face of Zeke
  • Winter’s Approach Ionian Boots of Lucidity Zeke’s Convergence Awakened Soulstealer Lich’s Bane Rabadon’s, Mortuary Cap.
  • Winter’s Approach is a must for any construct with Leona as her high haste ability will help you control enemies over and over again, even more so in ARAM, where there is already an ability haste passive bonus. When Winter’s Approach switches to Fimbulwiter, Leona will become stronger as she will now gain an additional shield when controlling an enemy.
  • For Leona’s boots, Plated Steel caps are best if you’re going to play tanky and Ionian Boots of Lucidity is ideal if you want to play more offensively. Saving Enchant will add more damage to your combo, along with the extra healing and Protobelt Enchant adds another dimension to your attunement.
  • If you’re the only tank on your team, Warmog’s Armor grants a large amount of HP and regeneration, while Sunfire Aegis grants a good amount of HP and AoE magic damage.
  • Both of these items will let you survive fight after fight, but if you have enough support on your team, you can build Zeke’s Convergence for deadlier tune-ups and Awakened Soulstealer for even more ability speed.

Rune of Leona Aram Build

Aftershock is a must for Leona as it dramatically increases her immersion potential, especially when combined with her second Eclipse. The weakness pairs perfectly with Leona’s crowd control and passive sunlight arsenal, which only activates when her allies attack enemies she has used her abilities. Backbone adds some extra armour or magic resist, whichever is lower, and finally, Hunter: Genius increases bonus ability speed for each takedown.

Summoner Spells of Leona Aram Build

Initiation with Leona Aram build much more accessible and excellent with the help of Mark/Dash.

Flash is the standard initiation tool to shock your enemies. If you use Mark/Dash to start, you’ll have a free Flash to evade enemies if things go wrong.

What is ARAM?

ARAM (a complete form of All Random All Mid) is a 5v5 League of Legends game mode in the Howling Abyss icon.png Howling Abyss to destroy the enemy team’s nexus. Players are given random champions from the pool of available winners and can trade or change their choices. It releases on June 29, 2012.

Before its introduction, ARAM play initially in custom games on the Summoner’s Rift map focusing only on 5v5 combat with no lane or jungle phase. After a Thunderdome event, the Proving Grounds map revamp from a tutorial-only to a playable custom map. Later, Howling Abyss replaced Proving Grounds, and ARAM became an official queue (Patch 3.6).

Each side of the Howling Abyss icon.png The Howling Abyss has two lane turrets, two brush patches, two health relics, an inhibitor, two nexus turrets, a nexus, and a trader. Butcher’s Bridge replaced the map during the events of Bilgewater (Burning Tides, Curse of the Drowned).

Characteristics of Leona Aram Build

Characteristics of Leona Aram Build

The following features are elite to the Howling Abyss icon.png Howling Abyss map:

1. Map

  • There is only one way.
  • There are only two turrets defensive, the Inhibitor, and two turrets protecting the Nexus.
  • Champions deal 0% to 25% (based on minutes) bonus damage to structures after 6:00.
  • There are 4 health relics in front of the outer towers, with 2 antiques on each side of the map.
  • Restores 8% of absent health and 8% of missing mana to the winner picking up the relic.
  • Upon being picked up, it fires a beam of light that hits the ground after 2.5 seconds, restoring 16% missing health and 16% missing mana to all champions inside.
  • The reminder is disabled; however, the channel animation will continue to play.
  • The fountain does not grant any restore effects to champions.
  • A base gate prevents champions from leaving the base for the first 15 seconds.
  • The store will deactivate if champions have strayed too far from the source. It will activate after death.
  • The distance at which the store is disabled is a small distance from the Nexus turrets.
  • Unanimous surrender activates at 8:00 a.m.
  • Surrender activates at noon.

2. Minions

  • Minions take 75% damage from area damage.
  • Waves of minions spawn every 25-13 seconds (based on minutes).
  • Minions have a movement speed of 325 to 425 (based on minutes).
  • Siege minions spawn every three waves, preliminary with the third wave.
  • Blackout boosts siege minions and super minions.

PASSIVE EFFECT – BLACKOUT: When a Stealth Trap is nearby, gain Blackout, True Sight icon.png revealing, and Exposed icon.png exposing all Stealth Traps within 1100 units. The blackout persists for 4 seconds after there are no more nearby traps.

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3. Champions

Champions start at level 3, giving them enhanced base stats and 3 skill points.

There are exceptions.

  • Azir starts with 1 point in Stand Up! Arise! and he has 2 points to spend.
  • Zeri creates with 1 point in Burst Fire and has 2 points to use.
  • Champions take a 15% reduction in damage dealt by enemy champions over 1000 units away, not including damage dealt by damage over time or ultimate.

All Howling Abyss champions icon.png Howling Abyss gain the Howling Abyss Aura.png The Howling Abyss Aura is:

  • +70 Summoner Spell Haste
  • Restores 0.15% of maximum mana for each second.
  • Passively gain 5 experience points per second.
  • Reduces all outgoing healing by 50%. The healing reduction does not affect self-heals.
  • While alive, nearby enemy minions killed by any ally other than you grant 6 Gold 6.

Melee role.png Melee champions gain 10 bonus magic resist, and their basic attacks deal 20% more damage against sieges and super minions.

Melee role.png Melee champions now deal 20% more damage against structures if they have more adaptive power. This buff replaces the generic time-based ARAM buff damage bonus to facilities once the latter exceeds 20%.

4. Bounties

  • Champion kills are worth 180 Gold 180.
  • Kill rewards increase by an amount based on the number of consecutive kills the slain champion has.
  • 2 consecutive kills: 150 Gold 150 (330 Gold 330 total)
  • 3 wins in a row: 300 Gold 300 (480 Gold 480 total)
  • 4 wins in a row: 375 Gold 375 (555 Gold 555 total)
  • 5 wins in a row: 450 Gold 450 (630 Gold 630 total)
  • 6 wins in a row: 600 Gold 600 (780 Gold 780 total)
  • Kill and assist bonuses are reduced based on the number of consecutive kills the slain champion has.
  • First Blood increases kill and assist bonuses by 50%.
  • Helpers are worth 90 Gold 90, split between all allies who help.
  • This reduces to 50% – 100% (based on game time).

5. Exclusive Items

  • Guardian’s Sword Guardian’s Sword
  • Guardian’s Hammer Guardian’s Hammer
  • Guardian Horn Guardian Horn
  • Guardian Orb Guardian Orb
  • Poro-Snax Poro-Snax (automatically takes up the slot for trinket items)
  • 1 charge is awarded at the start of the game, and the first time your team destroys an enemy turret.
  • Braum Braum starts with 2 charges.
  • You are limited to 2 at a time.

6. Summoner Spells

  • Clarity
  • Mark / Hyphen

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