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Link Building Tactics to Increase your Website

Link Building Tactics – Are you looking to augment your website’s domain authority? Yes! Then this blog is for you. Domain authority or DA is a metric that shows how well your website will work on all search engines. It is a number between 0-100, predicting if you will get a higher ranking on SERPs or not. The higher the score, the improved your chances are of securing the best ranking in SERPs.

Now, there are many ways to build website authority. However, one of the best ways to do this is through link-building. When you have high-quality backlinks, the domain rating or authority increases itself. The trick here is to get links from a site with high DA and should be for a web page that you want to rank higher in search engines.

Remember this tip and follow the below link-building strategies to get quality backlinks and increase your domain authority.

Work on Content that People Want to Link Back too

 Your content is highly imperative when it comes to building links leading to website authority. Good content generates organic backlinks. Therefore, the content should be valuable and useful for the reader (whether a user or another site) for them to link back to your site.

 People want to link back to:

  • Pages that are non-commercial too. No one wants to link back to pages with reviews or affiliate marketing (they do get backlinks, but not many)
  • Helpful content. That means writing a blog post that has utility for the readers. It informs them or educates them in some ways. The second way to create helpful content is to create one with citability, meaning statistics or references.
  • There are other ways too, and that is why it is imperative to have a content marketing strategy that helps with link building and website authority.

 Apply Guest Posting Strategy

 Guest blogging is the most credible tactic in SEO and is essential for link building. You get quality backlinks, brand recognition, and more when you write a quality guest blog for an authoritative site. In addition, when you guest post on a high DA site, you automatically are working on increasing your website’s authority. Thus, apply this strategy to your business now. Tips:

  • Always read the website you want to write guest posts for. It will help you understand what articles they like or don’t like.
  • The guest post should add relevance to their site and users. Only this way, the audience of that site will link back to you.
  • If your team cannot handle this extra work, hire a guest posting services provider for quality work that gets results.

Outreach, outreach, and outreach

 One of the best tactics for link-building is outreach. It is the process of reaching out to your peers in your niche to introduce yourself to get a backlink. The best part is that you do not need content for this. Your product, brand, services, or more can also help you with backlinks.

Pitch them your brand/product/services and if they think it is useful for them, ask them to link back to your website. Determine the best people for outreach that can get you the best results.

Use Visual Assets in your Content Marketing

Visual assets like charts, diagrams, images, or infographics can help increase organic links on your website. For instance, imagine a scenario where you posted a professional and informative infographic with your content. Now, if someone shares that infographic to their website, you get a link back to your website.

The trick here is to make your visuals appealing and just right for people. It will ensure that users always share and link back to your site.

Work on Broken Link Building

Broken links can reduce the SERPs and do more damage. Most websites have broken links, and you can use this to your advantage? How? By finding a broken link and then creating a resource that is similar to the same broken link. The next step is simple- ask anyone who is going to the broken link to link back to your resource instead. Check your competitor’s website to find broken links and work on swapping them with your resources.

Try these link-building strategies today to get higher website domain authority and better SERPs.

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