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Network Equipment
Network equipment write for us – Network equipment combines, splits, switches, augments, or directs data packets along a computer or telecommunications network. This product line includes hubs, switches, routers, bridges, gateways, multiplexers, transceivers, and firewalls. To submit your article, drop us an email at

Network Equipment Operation

Networking equipment interconnects devices so that information can be shared between them. The layout or topology of these connected devices describes the form or structure of the network. Common topologies for computer networks comprise bus, ring, star, tree, and mesh. Hybrid topologies are also used.

In wireless networks, devices converse using radio waves and do not require physical connections. In wired networks, cables are used. These cables have connectors for a specific port or type of interface. For example, Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) cables have 15-pin connectors that mate with a 15-pin socket on network transceivers.

Computer networks process data according to protocols that are fundamental mechanisms for network communications. Network protocols state the software attributes of data communications, counting the structure of packets and the information they contain. Packages can be called blocks, cells, frames, or segments, depending on the type of network. Network protocols can also prescribe some or all of the operational individuality of the network hardware they run.

Types of Network

Types of Network Equipment

The Engineering 360 SpecSearch database allows manufacturing buyers to hunt and select the following network equipment types.

  • Hubs provide a central location to connect cables to workstations. There are two types: passive and active.
  • Switches connect peripherals to host computers, allowing many of these peripherals to share a limited number of ports.
  • Routers are protocol-dependent devices connecting subnets or dividing an extensive network into smaller ones.
  • Repeaters use regeneration and reprogramming to ensure signals are transmitted obviously through all network segments.
  • Bridges are used to cross local or remote networks. They centralize the administration of the network.
  • Gateways can interconnect networks with different incompatible communication protocols.
  • Multiplexers combine multiple signal inputs into a single output.
  • Transceivers attach nodes and send and receive signals. They are sometimes referred to as Media Access Units (MAU).
  • Firewalls protect a network against unauthorized access.
  • Network devices such as wireless access points (WAPs) and modular platforms are also available.

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