NSE: MMTC Limited Share Price

NSE: MMTC Limited Share Price


NSE: MMTC – MMTC Ltd establish in 1963. And also, it is one of India’s two most important foreign exchange sources. It is a leading international trading company with around 10 billion dollars in turnover in America. It is India’s most prominent global trading company and the first public sector company to be granted “FIVE STAR EXPORT HOUSE” status by the Indian government for its longstanding export contribution. MMTC is the largest non-oil importer in India. MMTC’s various business activities encompass third-country trade, joint ventures, and linkage agreements – all the modern tools of international trade. Its extensive global sales network includes a wholly-owned international subsidiary in Singapore, savor.

The Business Area of the Company

The company’s main business activities are the export of minerals and the import of precious metals, non-ferrous metals, fertilizers, agro-food products, coal and hydrocarbons, etc. commodity exchanges, etc. The Company’s business activities span various countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Business Verticals








MMTC Recognized as Top PSU Named Agency of 2018-19 for Bullion Sales.


Company share prices keep on changing according to market conditions. The closing price of NSE: MMTC on 20-Apr-2023 at 18:01 is 29.16.

What are the key metrics to analyze MMTC Share Price?

Critical Metrics for MMTC are:

MMTC Stock Price Analysis and Quick Search Report. Is MMTC an Attractive Stock to Invest in?

Investing in stocks requires careful examination of financial data to know the company’s actual net worth. This is usually done by reviewing the company’s profit and loss account, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. This can be time-consuming and tedious. An easier way to know a company’s performance is to look at its financial ratios, which can help make sense of the overwhelming amount that can be found in its financial statements.

Here are a few must-have tools that should be part of every investor’s research process.

PE ratio

Price to earnings ratio indicates for each rupee of earnings how much an investor is willing to pay for a stock. A general rule is that stocks trading at a low P/E  undervalue (it also depends on other factors). MMTC has a PE ratio of 3.72 which is ordinary and relatively undervalued.

Return on Assets (ROA)

Return on Assets measures how efficiently a business can generate a return on its asset investment. In other words, ROA shows how efficiently a corporation can convert the money used to buy assets into net income or profits. MMTC has a ROA of -5.09%, which is a bad sign for future performance. (higher values are always desirable)

Current ratio

The current ratio measures the capacity of a company to pay its short-term debts with its existing assets. A higher current ratio is attractive so the business can be stable in the face of unexpected business and economic shocks. MMTC has a current ratio of 0.97.

Return on equity

ROE measures a company’s ability to profit from its shareholders’ investments. In other words, the return on impartiality ratio shows how much profit each rupee of equity generates. MMTC has an ROE of -78.57%. (the higher, the better)

Debt ratio

It is an excellent measure to check the capital structure and its performance. MMTC has a D/E ratio of 13.19, which means that the company has a high amount of debt in its capital.

Inventory Turnover Ratio

The Inventory Turnover Ratio is a deed ratio and is a tool to gauge the liquidity of a company’s inventory. It measures how often a business has sold and replaced its inventory over a certain period. MMTC has an inventory turnover ratio of 222.55, which shows that management is efficient in managing its inventory and working capital.

Sales Growth

MMTC recorded revenue growth of -68.19%, which is mediocre compared to its development and presentation.

Operating Margin

This will tell you about the operational competence of the business. MMTC’s operating margin for the current fiscal year is 5.33%.

Dividend Defer

It tells us how much extra we will obtain relative to the share price. The current year dividend for MMTC is Rs 0, and the yield is 0%.

Frequently Question Answers to NSE: MMTC

Is NSE: MMTC Ltd a good quality company?

The past 10 year’s financial track record analysis by Moneyworks4me indicates that MMTC Ltd is a below-average quality company.

Is NSE: MMTC Ltd undervalued or overvalued?

Compared to its past, the critical valuation ratios of MMTC Ltd seem to suggest it is in the Overvalued zone.

Is NSE: MMTC Ltd a good buy now?

The Price Trend analysis by MoneyWorks4Me indicates it is Semi Strong which suggests that the price of MMTC Ltd is likely to Rise-somewhat in the short term. However, please check the rating on Quality and Valuation before investing.

Why NSE: MMTC share price is low?

This news of the closure was the main reason driving the sharp fall in the price of NSE: MMTC since the Modi government wants to reduce the burden on the exchequer of running such loss-making PSUs.

Is NSE: MMTC debt free company?

Corporation has high Debt to Equity ratio of 13.19. The company has contingent liabilities of 2,507.58 Cr.

Can we buy gold from NSE: MMTC?

At NSE: MMTC-PAMP, we price gold at the declared gold rate of the day and provide a detailed purchase and tax invoice. We pay the total value of your gold via same-day bank transfer.

What went wrong with MMTC?

MMTC’s profits have fallen sharply mainly because of the ban on iron mining in Karnataka, strictures on iron ore exports, and increased railway freight for iron ore. Segment profit from minerals and iron ore stood at ₹ 120 crores in FY10 and merely ₹ 45 crores in FY13.

Who is the CEO of MMTC?

Vikas Singh

Vikas Singh is the MD & CEO at MMTC-PAMP India Private Limited.

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