How Developed is Online Education in India? 

How Developed is Online Education in India? 

Introduction to Online Education

A lot of modifications have recently been implemented in the educational system. The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns have had an impact on India’s school system. Children could not continue their education because they had been confined to their homes for months. What they thought was a joyous platform turned out to be a terrible catastrophe. They had been deprived of their learning. Therefore the government sought to create an alternative, which was online education.

Online education is changing the face of the Indian education system. Since the New Education Policy (NEP) was implemented in 2020, many changes have been made to the education sector, including online education. E-learning is the greatest and only remaining alternative. To engage with students, university faculty members are creating accounts on online video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Classroom, and Meet, among others. This new media offers the prospect of on-demand digital content at any time or on any digital device, but this poses challenges for both administration and students. Today’s digital media is a fusion of traditional learning methods such as books and notebooks with digital software like eBooks and PDFs. Universities like IIT Roorkee, Amity University, SRM University, IGNOU, Chandigarh University, Jain University, etc. have expanded numerous learning programs to incorporate new e-learning paradigms.

From this article, you will learn everything about the changes that occurred in the education system and how digital teaching methods skillfully replaced the traditional way of teaching.

Benefits of Online Education

Importance of Online Education

As it provides students with considerable flexibility, online education has become a practical and exciting way of instructional delivery in a global business that operates on a 24/7 schedule. Due to the growing ease of internet usage and computer technology.  Students can now access information that was previously only available in conventional classrooms at any time and from any location. Furthermore, studies have proven that children learn just as well in an online classroom as they do in a traditional classroom.

Online Education and institutes like IIT Roorkee Great Lakes University, SRM University, IGNOU, Chandigarh University, and UT Austin University have quality education and, in general. The learning experience has witnessed tremendous growth. The majority of students in India aspire to work in the IT and business fields. The most crucial part of online schooling is that there are no constraints.

Regarding India’s skills and population, Distance Education has a bright future, and students’ expectations are relatively high. Furthermore, several company competitors have anticipated the extent of this expanding market and are intending to enter the online education field. To summarise, online education is poised to transform the educational panorama in India at the present time.

Major Challenges While Incorporating Online Education


COVID- 19 pandemic and consecutive lockdowns have wreaked havoc on India’s education sector. With the introduction of a new set of laws established by the Indian government in 2020. We may predict that digital methods of learning and education will become the new normal. However, several obstacles have face by the students mentioned above.

Online education will become a part of everyone’s life shortly, and we must gear for the transformation. It is no longer an option but rather a requirement. If online learning can play a role here, it is obligatory for all of us to traverse its full potential. You can check out the online courses by Great Learning and take a step towards our bright future.

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