Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie 123movies

pokemon detective pikachu full movie 123movies

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie 123movies – Pokémon Detective Pikachu is a 2019 mystery film. It is the first live-action Pokémon movie and the first property-based live-action movie from a Nintendo game since Super Mario Bros. (1993). And also, the plot follows former Pokémon trainer Tim Goodman and the nominal Pokémon as they attempt to uncover the mysterious vanishing of Tim’s father, Harry.

Some Details Related to Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie 123movies

Director: Rob Letterman





Star Cast

Cinematography: John Mathieson

Editor: Mark Sanger, and also James Thomas

Music: Henry Jackman

Production Companies

Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures (Worldwide), and also Toho (Japan)

Release Date: 3 May 2019 (Japan), and also 10 May 2019 (United States)

Running Time: 104 minutes

Countries: The United States and also Japan

Language: English

Budget: $150 million

And also, Box Office: $433 million

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Know More About Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie 123movies

In the Pokémon universe, Tim Goodman is a 21-year-old insurance expert. He provided up his dream of being a Pokémon trainer after his mother died and his father Harry, a police detective, died. The police contact Tim in Ryme City, where humans and Pokémon live in harmony and illegal Pokémon battles. Harry’s friend, Detective Hideo Yoshida, informs him that Harry died in a car accident.

Tim goes to Harry’s apartment to sort things out and meets Harry’s cop buddy, an amnesiac Pikachu disguised as a deerstalker who talks to whom only Tim can understand; everyone just heard him say “Pika-Pika.” Tim accidentally releases a mysterious purple gas, “R,” from a vial he finds in Harry’s office. They attack a group of Aipom who have become enraged under the influence of the gas.

The couple escape and Pikachu explain that after losing his memory after the crash, he believes Harry survived the crash because the police never found his body. They meet an informant of Harry, a Mr. Mime, who leads them to an illegal underground Pokémon battlefield. Arena owner Sebastian recognizes Pikachu as the Pokémon that injured his Charizard in a previous battle and demands revenge.

He doses Charizard with R, sending him into a violent rage, and Pikachu cannot summon his electric powers to defend himself. While trying to save Pikachu, Tim knocks Sebastian down and smashes several gas canisters on his jacket, causing the Pokémon Arena to panic. And also, the police raid the arena. Tim is brought in front of Yoshida, who reveals footage of Harry’s accident, explaining that Harry can’t have survived.

Tim and Pikachu are contacted by Howard Clifford, the founder of Clifford Wheelchair Industries, who created Ryme City as a utopia for Pokémon and humans.

More Story

Howard reveals that he was Harry’s last client and that Harry was kidnapped by a genetically modified Pokémon named Mewtwo, which erased Pikachu’s memory from the incident.

Pikachu stumbles upon the crash site and finds evidence that the Greninja, not Mewtwo, was responsible for the crash, meaning Mewtwo was protecting Harry rather than harming him. In Ryme City, on their birthday parade, Howard reveals the captured Mewtwo to Tim, exposing himself as the actual brain in taking control of Mewtwo’s body using a neural-linked headset that places his mind inside Mewtwo. In contrast, his human body remains in a wheelchair.

He explains that Mewtwo can fuse humans and Pokémon, allowing humans to evolve as Pokémon and become one with them, but this can only be done if the Pokémon is confused hence the need for “R.” Believing this is the future of humanity, Howard unleashes R across the city using parade balloons. He begins to fuse humans with his Pokémon.

Pikachu summons his electric powers to fight Howard’s controlled Mewtwo while Tim fights Howard’s genetically modified Ditto, who masquerades as Roger; the honest Roger had been tied up and gagged by his father. Tim manages to remove Howard’s helmet from his body, freeing Mewtwo from his control.

Mewtwo brings residents back to normal, Howard is arrested, and Roger hires Lucy as a full-time reporter, promising to correct his father’s mistakes. Mewtwo explains that Harry tried to save him from Howard and helped him escape, but the Greninjas. Pikachu had volunteered to merge with Harry to save his life, the experience erasing both of their memories. And also, Mewtwo separates the two, and Tim finds Harry in his human body. Tim decides to stay in Ryme City to become a detective and spend more time with his father and Pikachu.


Henry Jackman, who previously worked with Letterman on Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) and Gulliver’s Travels (2010), provided the music for the movie and arranged Junichi Masuda’s “Red & Blue Theme” for the film’s ending credits. And also, Kygo and Rita Ora released an independent single for the film titled “Carry On.” The song and music video release on April 19, 2019. Honest Boyz also collaborated with Lil Uzi Vert to create another song, titled “Electricity,” produced by Pharrell Williams, which also stars in the ending credits.


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