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Profitability is a particular investment’s ability to return benefits more significantly than those invested after waiting some time. It is fundamental in economic and financial planning since it implies making good choices.

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Profitability exists when a significant percentage of the investment capital is received at an adequate rate to protect it over time. The profit obtained through the investment will depend on this and, therefore, will determine the project’s sustainability or its convenience for partners or investors.

Risk of Profitability

The risk indicator evaluates the economic profitability of companies and countries.

The risk of an asset or a company depends on its ability to generate a return, that is, to provide profits and comply with all the agreed financial terms, once the expiration date has been reached.

Thus, it is the product of evaluating the probability of payments: the greater the possibility of non-payment or breach of the contractual terms, the greater the risk margin assigned.

This indicator is not only used to assess the economic profitability of companies but also of countries. The risk margin of each entity will depend on the solvency they present to their creditors and the guarantees incorporated into the title.

Indicators of Profitability

The profitability indicators are:

Net profit margin is the relationship between the company’s total sales (operating income) and net profit. The return on assets and equity will depend on it.

Gross profit margin: It consists of the relationship between total sales and gross profit, the remaining percentage of operating income once the purchase cost has been discounted.

Operational margin: It consists of the relationship between total sales, again, and operating profit, which is why it measures the performance of operating assets with a view to the development of its corporate purpose.

Net return on investment: It evaluates the net profitability (use of assets, financing, taxes, expenses, etc.) from the company’s assets.

Operational return on investment: Similar to the previous case, it evaluates the operational profitability instead of the net.

Return on equity: Evaluates the profitability of the organization’s owners before and after facing taxes.

Sustainable growth: It aspires that the increase in demand is satisfied with a change in sales and assets; that is, it is the result of the application of sales policies, financing, etc., of the company

EBITDA: The company’s net cash flow before settling taxes and financial expenses.

Profitability Write For Us

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