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Social Video Marketing Write For Us

Social Video Marketing Write For Us

Social Video Marketing Write For Us – Social video marketing is one component of an integrated marketing communications plan designed to increase audience appointment through social activity around a given video. In a successful social media video marketing campaign, the consumer’s content, distribution strategy, and self-expression tools combine to allow a person to “add their voice” or co-create value to the content and then spread the word to their social acquaintances. Social video generally benefits from a halo effect emitted by the “influencers” of a given social group. Social video marketing is based on consumer culture theory, economic theory, and social theory, approximately the psychology of sharing. It differs from social marketing, which aims to influence behavior for social good. To submit your article, drop us an email at

Social Media Video Marketing Tips

Here, we share best practices and tips for improving social media video marketing across seven significant platforms. We’ll also explain how to ensure each channel works with your overall marketing strategy and results in positive ROAS!

1. Facebook and Instagram Video Ads

One effective method we’ve seen for our clients is testing the goal of a video views campaign with potential audiences. We use video to introduce the brand to new users quickly, tell a story, engage that particular audience, and engage them to study more about the products or services we offer. With these campaigns, we also set up Custom Audiences using the percentage of time users watched our video.

2. Pinterest Video Ads

Although most of our effort and budget are primarily focused on Facebook and Instagram, we often expand to Pinterest for many clients. We have yet to see Pinterest do well in driving direct conversions; however, we find it very effective in increasing awareness and website traffic when using Promoted Videos, especially for top-of-funnel prospecting campaigns. Pinterest video ads are cheap compared to other social networks, so it’s worth attracting more pertinent users into our funnel at a lower cost and then remarketing them to other platforms we’ve found more effectively generating conversions.

3. LinkedIn Video Ads

If your business targets a professional audience, immerse yourself in LinkedIn ads with your video content. Currently, video ads support brand awareness, website traffic, and change campaigns, where the ultimate goal can be to force leads and actions on your website.

4. Twitter Video Ads

Twitter Video Ads

When it comes to campaign goal bidding, use your goals to storyboard and develop platform-appropriate video content, but also hit your goals for video views, app installs, previews etc., website clicks, interactions, or subscribers. While you can test warmer audiences for retargeting using these in-app re-engagement conversion campaign goals, we’ve made Twitter better serve our customers for the best funnel campaigns, then use other channels to drive retargeting conversions.

5. Snapchat Video Ads

You may leave money on the table if you haven’t run Snap Ads yet. Running full-screen vertical video ads from 3 to 10 seconds is easy using their platform. These ads appear between a user’s friends’ stories and curated Snapchat content, sure to increase their visibility. If your audience wants to watch a longer video, they can swipe up on your short video ad and see more.

6. TikTok Video Ads

Like Snap, TikTok caters to the young, with 66% of its user base under 30. You can choose one of three campaign objectives, from website traffic to app installs and conversions. Videos on this platform can be horizontal, vertical, or square, so experiment with each size to see which works best for your content and goals. One of the best features TikTok has to offer advertisers is that you can use their video creation kit and their library of 300+ options for free background music.

Other ad platforms don’t provide this, so take advantage of free sounds to complement your video content to captivate users, draw them into your funnel, redirect them to the app, or capture them on your other platforms based on performance. With this platform continuing to grow, its current 800 million monthly users surpass LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you haven’t already, dive into it and see what it can do for your product.

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Why Write for Techbizcenter – Social Video Marketing Write for Us

Why Write for Techbizcenter – Social Video Marketing Write for Us

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