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True or False: Does CBD Get You High?

True or false – At a rapid rate, CBD is becoming the Hocus-Pocus of the modern world. Whenever you are in any pain or confronting an illness, using CBD will give you instant relief that any medication cannot. Not only this but the benefits that you harvest from CBD are nothing of temporary and can give you long term advantages. With so many benefits such as pain relief, anxiety and depression eviction CBD had turned out a hot replacement to medicinal treatments. But the general concern among CBD users does it make you feel high. This text is a detailed answer to your question.

What actually is CBD?

To understand the fact that CBD will make you feel high or not, you ought to understand what it is. Ideally, CBD is one of those 100 natural compounds found in the Cannabis plant. Although CBD is one of them but not only one and hence you cannot directly associate it with feeling high. One of the other abundant compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant is THC.


Yes, THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol, a popularly recognised compound that can lead to psychoactive effects in humans. This compound also comes from the same origin as CBD and hence both of them are misinterpreted. The presence of THC in any compound can make you feel high while a compound containing less amount of THC and a higher amount of CBD cannot lead to any kind of psychoactive effects.

CBD can induce the feeling of relaxation, calmness and soothe your brain.

CBD can make you fall asleep with super ease. Soothing qualities are associated with CBD and stoned qualities with THC.

Types of CBD Products Available in the Market


CBD is available in many forms and shapes that make it tougher for you to choose the best one.  But remember all of them have the same and equal effectiveness. Here is a list of CBD products:

1. CBD Pills:

CBD is available in capsule forms and is the best one for those who hate the tastes of medications. These pills can help you deal with indigestion, inappropriate sleep, and other disorders. Just consume it as you wish to and you are done. Remember pills get absorbed less compared to oils and hence work better. To buy CBD products like CBD capsules, you can click here and order them so you can buy any CBD product easily which can make you fall asleep with super ease.

2. CBD Oil and Tinctures:


An oil that is produced by infusing CBD into a carrier oil like coconut and olive oil. These oils are easy to consume and are rapidly absorbed by the human body. Hence when you consume CBD oil, you are ensuring fast results. To use it, you need to place a few drops under your tongue. Best one for those who hate pills.

3. CBD creams and Lotions:

The main aim to use CBD creams and lotions is to relieve muscle tension and pain in joints. Also, it can treat skin issues like eczema and acne. Hence you can find innumerable skin care products in the market.

4. CBD Edibles:

Consuming CBD can be healthy and tasteful too. Consume CBD in forms like gummies, candy, chocolates and cookies.

Comparing CBD and THC

CBD and THC are known to associate and bind with CB1 receptors present in your brain, and though have opposite effects. THC can bind with these receptors and activate them to induce effects like euphoria. CBD can barely bind with CB1 receptors and block any psychoactive effects.


When you consume CBD you will likely feel good instead of feeling high. Both CBD and THC are almost the same but differ in the atomic arrangement. Also, it depends on from where it is derived whether hemp or marijuana. Marijuana contains THC in higher amounts and Hemp has it in lower amounts.


CBD has no misleading psychoactive effects and hence you can consume it without any worries. Just hope on to using CBD after consulting a doctor to avoid clashes. Choose the one that is made from Hemp and that’s all.


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