Type of Fashion Designing that a Good College must Teach about – 2023

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Type of Fashion Designing that a Good College must Teach about

It is the creation of art in the form of limited edition clothing and accessories and applies to bespoke garments for individual customers. When designing clothes for your customers, make sure they are handmade, and the fabrics used are of the highest quality.

What does a Fashion Designer do?

Basis the art, culture, consumer taste, ensuing trends, and the social fabric, a fashion Designer conceives, ideates designs creates, and executes trending apparel or accessories or footwear. He also needs to select the ideal fabric, material, color, pattern, and texture and get the prototypes of the designs ready and then get final design approval by the client before overseeing the final production of his collection.

Types of Fashion Design

The colleges provide comprehensive knowledge about various types of fashion designing and offer competencies in multi-disciplines besides apparels such as accessory design or footwear design etc.

Fashion Designing Colleges

Many Fashion Design colleges are offering courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. In order to select the ideal course following points need to kept in mind:

Accreditation & Recognition: Accreditation to academic councils and other prestigious industry bodies endorse the college’s high quality. A certification that is recognized at both International. And international levels must be one of the main criteria in choosing the right college.

Curriculum: The curriculum of fashion design colleges of India must groom students in theoretical aspects. Conceptual understanding, practical training, skill development, and ways to interface with the industry. The syllabus must not only aligned as per the latest trends but should also be industry-relevant. In addition, the college must have a well-equipped studio for the students to hone their skills. And gain as much practical training as possible.

Global Exposure: Fashion design students with global ambitions would like to gain international exposure by participating in global events. And global competitions and through internships, student exchange programs & interaction with global experts, etc. The chosen college must not only have a curriculum catering to global requirements. But also industry links with overseas partners like global fashion designing colleges, fashion houses, designers and manufacturers, etc.

So don’t wait up since the flourishing Fashion Design industry offers huge potential and hence makes for an intelligent decision to jump on board and register for Fashion Designing course.

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