Zong Free WhatsApp Code – Details, Monthly, and More

zong free whatsapp code

Again, Zong offers a fantastic package for WhatsApp users. And also, you will get 2GB of free WhatsApp data for just Rs. 20 + tax for the whole month. This package is for those looking for the following offers: You can also find the details of the Zong WhatsApp offer, its eligibility, validity, and how to opt-out below.

Zong Free WhatsApp Code Details 2021

In this offer, you will get:

Zong Free WhatsApp Code Monthly 2021

Zong customers can not only make unlimited voice and video call on WhatsApp with Zong 4G, but they can also chat with friends. They can also share data on WhatsApp for free!

Here is a list of free features in the Zong WhatsApp offer:

Zong Free Whatsapp Code 2021 (Weekly and Monthly)

Zong WhatsApp Weekly Plan

Just dial * 702 # to subscribe to 1200 weekly SMS and 1400MB of WhatsApp for free throughout the week. Keep in attention that you will only get 200MB per day. To unsubscribe from this offer, send a subscription to 700. And also, you will only charge Rs. 12 + tax for the entire week.

Zong WhatsApp Monthly Plan 2021

If you want to know how to pledge to Zong Whatsapp 2021 Monthly Offer, you need to dial the following code to activate Zong 4G Whatsapp 2021 Free Offer.

After calling this code, you will see the following communication on your screen.

Wait a few seconds, and you will get the following message from Zong to use free unlimited WhatsApp in 2021. Note: it offers 4 GB of WhatsApp for free for the whole month for only Rs. 20 + tax.

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How to Unsubscribe from Zong’s Free WhatsApp Code?

To cancel the Zong WhatsApp offer, type UNSUB SM and send an SMS to 6464. I hope you like this hack and also share it with your friends and family.

Comment below if you liked this offer and use free unlimited WhatsApp at Zong 2021.

Zong’s 3G and 4G partnerships with the most used platforms in Pakistan, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Daraz, reflect its main desire to integrate all the applications subscribers want into the high-quality 4G network for the best experience for users.

This year, Zong 4G has taken essential steps to transform the industry landscape. The company is expanding its 4G service to Pakistan, making 100% of its network 4G compatible. And also, Zong officials recently said that “all Pakistanis are our customers,” showing a great approach that transcends traditional underwriting limits.

By relentlessly focusing on customer wishes, Zong 4G continues to build its network and services around the unique requirements of its customers. It also reflects that over 70% of 4G users in Pakistan use Zong 4G’s super-fast network.

Terms and Conditions

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