10 Tips to Successfully Hire a Startup

10 tips to successfully hire a startup

10 Tips to Successfully Hire a Startup – Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we focus too much on the product and its commercialization and do not give enough importance to being involved in selecting and hiring the team.

I have also learned that “you have to hire slowly and fire quickly” in my professional life. This means that, as entrepreneurs, we have to dedicate a lot of time and energy when selecting the team that will help us move our company forward. And that, when someone does not work due to a bad attitude, it is best to fire them as soon as possible because people do not usually change.

The other day, he gave some timely advice on “10 tips to successfully hire a startup” and that I will complete with my own experience.

10 Tips to Successfully Hire a Startup

1. Spend More Time Hiring the Team

What is clear is that entrepreneurs or founders have to dedicate much more time to the selection process of our team. At least we have to save a third of our time to it. Companies that become great, it’s because they have great people!

2. Define the Job Very Well

The better defined it is, the more the person we hire will adjust to it. It is handy for the entrepreneur to carry out this work beforehand (if technically possible) to know precisely what is needed.

3. Always Look for Smart, Effective and Flexible People

People who provide SO luscious, no problems. It is much more a matter of attitude, not aptitude. Most things can learn with an open mind, but perspective is challenging to change.

In a selection process, it is handy to ask the candidate how he would solve a specific problem to find out if he is a person who finds solutions. Ask them to prepare the exercise of what they would do their first month of work. This exercise will give you clues about what the person is like.

4. Look for People who have shown Successes and Achievements in the Past

If they have been successful in the past, they will likely achieve success in your company. In addition to asking candidates about what they have earned in their previous jobs, I like to ask in the selection processes: have you been lucky in life? Because in the end, luck attracts you, and it usually catches you working. That is, when people are cheerful and hard-working, they attract luck.

5. Search and Check References

This is extremely important. People who have left an excellent reputation in their past jobs find it easy for them to do positive work in your company. And vice versa.

6. Hire People you Like

More than an interview, it should be a conversation. If you don’t learn anything during the consultation or you get bored, bad !! We spend many hours at work, and the principles are complicated. Therefore, being surrounded by positive, pleasant people with whom we get along is vital to overcome challenging moments.

7. Do the Finalist Interviews with the Vital People of your Team

Four eyes see more than two, and eight eyes see more than four. Get your team to commit to the national team. The selection of the final candidate must be unanimous.

Whenever we have selected a good candidate in the company, it has been the result of an interview of the four most influential people. The four of us have agreed on who was the ideal candidate.

8. Don’t Limit your Search to Job Seekers

In general, the ideal candidate is usually working. You will have to approach him and conquer him. For this, I use Linkedin to find the perfect candidate, whether he is working or not. I contact him and tell him about the project directly to see if he is interested and start talking. It is a mission that consists of conquering the excellent candidate, and for this, nobody is better than the founder instead of external headhunters. Keep in attention that there is no one better than the company’s founder to transmit the passion for the project.

9. Hire Diverse People but with the Same Values

Diversity of opinions and points of view are excellent in a startup, but the variety of values is not. The team must agree on matters to establish the culture of the company.

For example, working in a startup is incompatible with people who like to live very well, earning a lot without working a lot. People who come from startups in large multinational companies do not usually adapt well to the limited means that a startup has. On the other hand, people who come from startups, accustomed to few standards, not very high salaries, and a lot of work can adapt better.

I love working with people who have tried to start, but their projects have not turned out well for whatever reasons. They, more than anyone, know the sacrifices that an entrepreneur has to make to get his business going. They will always understand you better than others who do not have that experience.

10. Fire Fast

You cannot have people with values contrary to yours or mediocre people. I have never met startup founders who, at first, know how to fire quickly. Although also, I have never met startup founders who, over the years, have not learned this lesson.

There are times when we make a mistake in hiring. The moment we realize it, it is better to fire quickly than get the person to change because it seldom happens.

And for the rest, I wish you good luck! Recruitment is arduous work, but very important. And let’s not forget that just as important as hiring is to keep the team happy and satisfied with their work. There is nothing better than holding regular meetings with the team to make sure that people are well and feel important. If our team is excellent, our company will be great!

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