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My Airpod Pro Case Not Charging Quick Solution

Airpod Pro Case Not Charging – Apple has introduced the first wireless Bluetooth airport with iPhone 7 plus globally in march 2019 with an H1 feature for longer talk time and hand-free. And it gets into the most successful Airpod. However, every company has copied apple’s style, its quality. But, there is some specific feature that none of the companies did get successful: noise cancellation; Apple only has some unique features. I know apple every product is expensive. But Apple guaranty that their product will not hang. At the same time, you play audio; they have a microphone that will filter background noise, built-in accelerometers and optical sensors capable of detecting taps and pinches, double-tap to pause audio, placement within the ear, which and order within the ear, which enables automatic pausing of audio when they remain taken out.

Why My Airpod Pro Case Not Charging

You will get a solution for Airpod Pro Case Not Charging on this website. However, there will be many reasons for not charging.

Why My Airpod Pro Case Not Charging

Therefore, it will be impossible for airpot to connect with the charging case. But there will be something blocking in your case, the charging port. In addition, there will be a problem with the software issue during play.

How To Fix My Airpod Pro Case Not Charging

You have tried to fix your AirPods pro case not charging; don’t worry; here it’s some solution that will set your case. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work, and you can have a problem with your AirPods case.  So, try these troubleshooting steps to see if you can find and fix the problem.

How To Fix My Airpod Pro Case Not Charging

Check your connections

Airpod Pro Case Not Charging – Suppose you suspect your AirPods case isn’t charging. In that case, the most likely culprit is something preventing the charging connection, and that’s most likely because the charging cable isn’t put in entirely if you’re using wired charging, the line. After all, the case is not a good connection with the wireless charging base when you’re charging wirelessl. So, take the cable out and reset it to see if your charging light comes on. If not, try using a different line. However, when you’re charging wireless, Then try using a supported connection charging

Charge your AirPods case

Airpod Pro Case Not Charging – When your AirPods case will charge, make sure it has completely charging. If it is completely charge, then setting the light will turn green.

Clean your AirPods case

Airpod Pro Case Not Charging – Including the charging port where the charging cable connects to the case. Just as dirty AirPods can fail to charge, so can a messy charging case. Specifically, clean the wells into which the AirPods fit and the charging port at the bottom of the case. If you’re not comfortable doing this, you can take them to an Apple store for their help in completing the cleaning.

Reset your AirPods pro

If nothing else is working, try resetting your AirPods. For example, if a firmware glitch keeps the AirPods or the case from charging, a simple reset might do the trick.


If your airpod pro case not charging is not charging, apply these steps. Hopes it will work or either it does not work, then visit your nearest apple branch and exchange your AirPods with your guaranty card of airport pro. Meanwhie if you do not have a guaranty card, then I suggest. You can also visit any iPhone repair or. Finally, sell this product on Olx or some different platform.

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