Cryptocurrency Prices: How Do they Change, and What is ATH?

Cryptocurrency Prices: How Do they Change, and What is ATH?

Cryptocurrency Prices – The main reason why the cryptocurrency market stands out from the crowd is its incredibly high volatility – crypto prices change daily; there may be sharp jumps and collapses. So crypto prices today often differ from what they were yesterday or a week ago. Using price fluctuations, cryptocurrency investors and traders generate significant amounts of money in the shortest possible period and in the long term. The period depends on your selected strategy:

How do traders decide when to buy cryptocurrency and when to sell it? To succeed, they do a lot of work. It usually includes fundamental and technical analysis:

What is an All-Time High in Cryptocurrency?

You have probably heard this term many times. Bitcoin’s all-time high was over $63 000 in November 2021. ATH is the highest level of crypto price in its history, which is easy to find when looking at the all-time chart. When an asset reaches its ATH and crosses it, it is a good sign for investors, which shows positive price dynamics. There is also an all-time low price, which is the lowest crypto rate, respectively.

Where to Find Crypto Rates Charts?

You can use popular cryptocurrency rankings such as Coinmarketcap. This resource demonstrates all existing crypto assets placed in the order you can manipulate – you may select the ranking by price, market capitalization, and trade volume. You may pick an asset and see its price chart, navigate in it, pick a certain period of time, etc.

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