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Digital Art Write For Us

Digital Art Write For Us

Digital art, as the word illustrates, is characterized by electronic technology, especially computerized. Human beings have used a variety of art forms throughout history to express their creativity and ideas. These include organic materials from prehistoric times to advanced digital technology today. Artists today have a wide variety of methods to choose from. Some may go the traditional route using brushes, while others prefer digital art, which uses video and computer technology. To submit your article, drop us an email at

Images can be drawn by hand and then scanned into a computer. They can also be created using hardware like drawing tablets and free, open-source software like Blender or paid software like Adobe Photoshop. Digital art has evolved to create realistic animations, as seen in famous Pixar movies.

Other forms of modern digital art include 3D sculptural representations, video image manipulation, and various technologies. In a nutshell, digital art is a method of merging art and technology that is perfect for multimedia presentations as it can potentially be viewed in multiple ways, including television, the internet, and social media.

Digital Art Styles

Digital Art Styles

As technology continues to evolve, so does digital art. Here are different types of digital art styles.

1. Fractal/Algorithmic Art

Fractal art uses computers to solve polynomial and nonlinear equations of fractal structures, with the results producing images and visual effects.

2. Data Transfer

This process manipulates media files to produce desired visual effects or images when the file is decoded. Create an amalgamation of frames and an image repetition.

3. Dynamic Painting

It is one of the most modern and advanced forms of digital art. The artwork is painted by a computer, which requires minimal physical work on the part of the brain, also known as the artist.

4. 2D Computer Graphics

Transform 2D dimensional models such as text and digital images into 2D computer graphics. It is used in the entertainment industry and generally in traditional representations such as typography, cartography, technical drawing, and advertising.

5. 3D Computer Graphics

It is a modified version of 2D computer graphics in that it renders 2D graphics by rendering the three-dimensional appearance of geometric data found in models or structures.

6. Pixel Art

This digital art style uses software to create art at the pixel level. Sometimes, the pixels enlarge to give it a retro look. This type of graphics is derived from 8-bit and 16-bit video game consoles and computers.

7. Digital Photography

Various technologies produce electronic or computerized photographs to capture, create, edit, and share digital images and pictures.

This digital art style creates, publishes, or uses digital photographs on computers and the Internet.

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