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doctor strange full movie in hindi

Doctor Strange Full Movie in Hindi

Doctor Strange Full Movie in Hindi – Doctor Strange is a 2016 American superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics charm of the same name. Various incarnations of a Doctor Strange film adaptation had developed since the mid-1980s until Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to the film in April 2005 on behalf of Marvel Studios. Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer were recruited in June 2010 to write a screenplay. In June 2014, Derrickson was hired to direct, and Spaihts rewrote the script. Cumberbatch was cast in the eponymous role in December 2014, requiring a schedule change to avoid his other commitments.

This gave Derrickson time to work on the writer, for which he enlisted Cargill to help him. Principal shooting for the film began in November 2015 in Nepal before moving to England and Hong Kong, ending in New York in April 2016. Doctor Strange premiered in Hong Kong on October 13, 2016, and in the US on November 4 as part of Phase Three of the MCU. The film grossed over $ 677 million worldwide, was praised for its visual effects, soundtrack, and cast, and received an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects. Doctor Strange’s sequel in the Multiverse of Madness is scheduled for release on March 25, 2022.

Some Details of the Doctor Strange Full Movie in Hindi

Director: Scott Derrickson


Based: Doctor Strange by Stan Lee, and also Steve Ditko

Producer: Kevin Feige


Cinematography: Ben Davis

Editor: Wyatt Smith, and also Sabrina Plisco

Music: Michael Giacchino

Production Company: Marvel Studios

Distributor: Walt Disney Studios, and also Motion Pictures

Release Date: October 13, 2016 (Hong Kong), and also November 4, 2016 (United States)

Running Time: 115 minutes

Country: United States

Language: English

Budget: $165–236.6 million

Box Office: $677.7 million

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More About the Doctor Strange Full Movie in Hindi

In Kathmandu, the sorcerer Kaecilius and his fanatics enter the underground complex of Kamar-Taj and behead their librarian. They steal a few pages of an ancient and mystical text that belongs to the Elder, a longtime wizard who taught the magical arts to all students of Kamar-Taj, including Kaecilius. The Elder pursues the traitors, but Kaecilius and his followers escape.

In New York City, wealthy, acclaimed, and arrogant neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange seriously injures his hands in a car accident on his way to a public conference, leaving him permanently unable to operate. His fellow surgeon Christine Palmer tries to help him move on, but Strange pursues experimental surgeries to heal his hands to no avail.

Strange learns of the existence of Jonathan Pangborn, who has paraplegia who has mysteriously regained the use of his legs. Pangborn directs Strange to Kamar-Taj, where Mordo takes in a wizard of the Ancient One. The Ancient One demonstrates his power to Strange, revealing the Astral Plane and other dimensions such as the Mirror Dimension. She unwillingly agrees to train Strange, whose arrogance and ambition remind her of Kaecilius.

Strange studies under Ancient and Mordo, and ancient books in the library which Master Wong now keeps. Strange discovers that Earth is protected from threats from other dimensions by a shield generated from three buildings called Sanctums in New York, London, and Hong Kong, which can access directly from Kamar-Taj.

The wizards’ task is to protect the shrines, though Pangborn has instead chosen to channel the mystical energy to walk again. Strange quickly progresses and secretly reads the pages of the text Kaecilius stole, learning to bend time with Agamotto’s mysterious eye. Mordo and Wong warn Strange not to break the laws of nature, comparing Kaecilius’ desire for eternal life.

More Info

Kaecilius uses the stolen pages to interact with Dormammu of the Dark Dimension, where time is nonexistent. Kaecilius destroys the London Sanctuary to weaken Earth’s protection. Fans then attack the New York Sanctuary, killing its Guardian, but Strange stops them with the help of the Levitating Cloak, only to be seriously injured in a skirmish. He teleports to the hospital, where Palmer saves him. Upon returning to the Sanctum, Strange reveals to Mordo that the Ancient One has drawn power from the Dark Dimension to maintain his long life, and Mordo becomes disillusioned with the Ancient One.

After a fight in Mirror Dimension in New York City, Kaecilius fatally wounds the Elder and flees to Hong Kong. Before she expires, she tells Strange that he too will have to bend the rules to complete Mordo’s true nature to defeat Kaecilius. Strange and Mordo arrive in Hong Kong to find Wong dead, the Sanctum destroyed, and the Dark Dimension is engulfing Earth.

Strange uses the Eye to reverse time and save Wong, then enters the Dark Dimension and creates a time cycle around him and Dormammu. Disillusioned with Strange and the Elder defying the laws of nature, Mordo abandons his career as a wizard and leaves.

Strange returns his eye to Kamar-Taj and moves to the Sanctum in New York to continue his studies with Wong. In a mid-credits scene, Strange decides to help Thor, who brought his brother Loki to Earth to search for their father, Odin. In a post-credits scene, Mordo confronts Pangborn and steals the mystical energy he uses. walking around, telling her that Earth has “too many wizards.” Moreover Doctor strange is a part of marvels which is well known for avengers: infinity war full movie online watch free 123movies

Songs of Doctor Strange Movie

  1. Feels So Good • Chuck Mangione
  2. Shining Star • Earth, Wind & Fire
  3. Interstellar Overdrive • Pink Floyd
  4. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) • Beyoncé


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