HeartIn Project to Analyze the Health of Soccer Players

HeartIn Project to Analyze the Health of Soccer Players

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Therefore, health is one of the most significant points to be taken into account by football clubs, which are always looking for new technologies to help monitor the situation. And a new technology that can help a lot in this environment is HeartIn.

We spoke with football expert Kate Richardson to better understand how this technology works and why it is useful for football clubs.

What is the HeartIn project?

Founded in the United States, the HeartIn project was created with the aim of improving remote cardiac monitoring, that is, without the need to go to a doctor daily for this.

The company responsible spent 9 years researching and testing the product before finally reaching its goal: to create a shirt that not only monitors the heartbeat but also analyzes the body’s level of stress and fatigue. The focus of HeartIn is that anyone can monitor their own health in all training periods (pre, during, and post workouts) and know how their body is working at each moment. Thus, the athlete (professional or amateur) will know when to rest or to continue without causing damage to the heart.

Why would it be good to have this project on football?

As we said before, the health of soccer players is one of the most important things and because of that, most clubs always seek to place them as a top priority.

Therefore, new data collection technologies are always implemented in the world of football, looking for ways to achieve a complete analysis of physical fitness and fatigue.

And HeartIn not only accomplishes that, but it also collects all the ECG data to track the athlete’s heart from the moment the person puts on the shirt. All this without any cables or wires involved. That is, it will be possible to see the changes as they happen and, perhaps, prevent accidents, such as what happened with the Danish Christian Eriksen at Euro 2021.

Heart Problems in Football

Since the Eriksen event, which shocked the entire world, we have seen many more cases of heart problems in world-class footballers.

Among some of them, we had:

Fortunately, they are all doing well. However, if football used technology with instant data collection and could monitor the athlete’s conditions during training and games, players would certainly be safer. There would be less risk of a situation like Eriksen’s, in which the player started to feel sick and had a cardiorespiratory arrest on the field.

According to experts, the problems of Aubameyang and Davies, for example, were caused by Covid-19, and both managed to get away before they could end up suffering something in a game.

Aguero and Eriksen’s problems were not related to any type of illness. Some talk about the intensity of the game, others about the heavy European football schedule. Anyway, the most important thing to take away from all of this is that you always have to keep an eye on. And analyze the health of all professional players frequently.

With HeartIn, it would be possible to do this during training and games and see the data instantly, thus being able to analyze any more worrisome changes. And preserve the health and physical integrity of the athlete.


The introduction of a new project for soccer players, mainly one that focuses on the athlete’s physical performance and health. It is extremely important for professional soccer. Therefore, clubs always seek to acquire the latest technological advances in this environment.

It is likely that, in the near prospect, we will see big clubs starting to invest in HeartIn and, with that. It creates greater security for players to be able to train and play.

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