What are Sales? – Types, B2B, Concepts, and More – 2023


What are Sales

Personalization, remote selling, account-based selling, customer success, and sales technology are all trends shaping the future of B2B sales. By incorporating these trends into their sales strategies, businesses can drive growth and stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

What are Sales?

The sales or sales process is a series of steps that sales reps take to build a business relationship that results in the sale.

Thuys, High-performing teams generally follow an established process, which reinforces with training and practice. However, at the same time, reps use digital tools for lead generation, opportunity tracking, pipeline visualization, and customer communication.

You can delve into the fundamentals of the process in this guide to closing deals.

Types of Sales

Therefore,  a transparent process is critical to the success of an organization. In addition, the methods and procedures that companies use to market their products and facilities affect their positioning in the sector.

Here are some of the sales procedures most used by companies.

1. Selling Solutions

A representative uses this strategy based on the benefits that a custom solution can bring to the prospect. This method assumes that the potential customer informs thanks to an investigation about the product or facility that he carried out before contacting the representative.

2. Inbound Selling

The inbound sales consist of representatives acting as consultants, contacting prospects (where they are in the cycle), and resolving their problems. But, during the procedure, reps complete four actions: Identify, Connect, Explore, and Advise.

3. SPIN Method

The SPIN method comes from the abbreviation in English “SPIN,” which refers to the four types of questions representatives should ask their customers: situation, problem, consequence, and need for a solution. Questions help identify prospect issues and allow the rep to build rapport with the buyer.

4. NEAT Selling

This an approach use to qualify leads. This acronym means basic wants, economic impact, access to authority, and relevant events.

5. Concept Sale

Using this strategy, reps discover how prospects feel about the product and understand their decision-making process.

6. SNAP Method

The SNAP method is one of the maximum excellent accurate methods. This English acronym conveys that you do not complicate yourself, be essential, always look for alignment, and list priorities.

7. Challenger Sale

This method base on a procedure of teaching, version, and taking control. Meanwhile, the rep teaches the prospect, familiarizes communication between them, and takes a switch of the sale.

8. Sandler Sales System

And, this methodology prioritizes the cohort of mutual trust between the sales illustrative and the prospect. Thus, The outstanding acts as an advisor and asks questions that help you classify the prospect’s challenges.

9. Customer-Centric Sales Methodology

Therefore, this methodology is one of the most beneficial deal strategies and consists of the selling representative focusing on communicating with the primary decision-makers in the process and trying to find solutions to address the problems or challenges.


Meanwhile, this acronym stands for: metrics, economic buyer, choice criteria, decision process, problem identification, and sponsor. And also, the representative asks questions connected to these topics to help the view move forward in the process.

And also, the main goal of the selling area is to create modified solutions for your prospects that ultimately translate into more and income for the company.

In other words, suppose you want to improve your business. In that case, you will be delighted to know that with our Sales Hub deal software, you will be able to bring composed all the tools and data in a single platform for whole and easy-to-use visualization and access for your entire team.

And, having the right capital and tools will make you comply effectively with each stage, without friction and less accidental losing leads. In this way, you can benefit each function to prioritize significant tasks and improve the performance of all your legislatures.

B2B Sales and B2C Sales

B2B come from the English “business to business,” which means from business to business. Businesses b2b, then, are companies that sell to other companies.

For its part, B2C – which also comes from English business to consumer. And also, it means business to consumers. In this way, companies sell products or services directly to their customers.

An example of B2B could be the sale of clothing, food, appliances, books among other countless items that customers obtain directly from companies.

Now that you know what business are and what types of deals exist; Let’s see what’s behind a plan.

The Evolution of the Sales Concept

In addition, with the technological advance experienced in the last decades, new modalities have been appearing.

However, At the same time, loans in logistics and transport facilities have supported world trade growth and globalization.

In this way, new distance channels by telephone, post, and primarily through the Internet represent a significant volume.


Sales involve procurement an economic profit from the seller’s opinion or view. However, this financial agent offers his product to potential buyers, who will take it after compensating him with money on a previously known price.

The realization is the core of economic activity for a large margin of the economic spectrum. Economic actors obtain monetary gains after delivering a product or service in which they specialize.

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