What is Eco-Innovation? – Applications, Keys Ideas, and More


What is Eco-Innovation?

Eco-innovation consists of developing products and ways of working that contribute to sustainable development, taking advantage of the resources that the planet gives us but ensuring that they regenerate to keep them at an adequate level.

Eco-innovation constantly works on new ideas related to new technologies to apply them to sustainable development. Thus, it makes the most of all the resources at our disposal without damaging the environment.

Examples and Applications of Eco-Innovation

Here are some applications of Eco-innovation along with actual bags that we have carried out from ATRIA:

The use of toxic or contaminating compounds during industrial procedures generates dangerous by-products that must manage later. In addition, it poses a risk to laborers. In this project, we substituted a hazardous product for an “eco” alternative that performed the same function without containing dangerous compounds.

Many waste or by-products that take to landfills have the possibility of being reused in other production processes. Searching for opportunities for these wastes or results can be highly profitable. We permission you an example of how you can transmit out the reincorporation of waste into other procedures.

The manufacture of new products that comprise the use of by-products is a great initiative. An example of this is the production of counterweights with mining waste or fibers as reinforcement of polymers.

Ecodesign of creation from scratch to facilitate its following recycling or repair, thus reducing waste generated during its life cycle.

Study and eco-design of processes to reduce made by-products and waste. An example is a study for implementing a line of reuse and recycling electronic waste that we anticipated at the beginning of the post.

Key Ideas of the Eco-Innovation

In addition to the chief objective of eco-innovation, which seeks to minimalize the environmental impact of any industrial activity or product, some specific ideas help us better understand this innovation model:

What is Eco-Innovation for a Company?

The image of companies is increasingly important for end consumers. Therefore, companies seek to apply eco-innovation to their products and processes to demonstrate their environmental commitment. This can be a critical factor in such a competitive market.

In addition, the idea of turning waste into a resource can significantly reduce the associated manufacturing costs. Because they are cheaper than virgin raw materials or by avoiding the management of these by-products or waste in landfills. Therefore, for companies, implementing actions related to the circular economy. And eco-innovation can substantially improve the final profitability of their products and processes.

How did this Term Come About?

This is a relatively new idea that is still catching on in various sectors. We have one of the first references to the concept in Claud Fussler and Peter James, who speaks of this phenomenon in terms of social advancement.

One of its authors, Peter James, defines eco-innovation as “products and processes that add value to the customer. And the company and that effectively reduce the impact on the environment.” Can you think of ways to start applying it?

What Exactly is Eco-Innovation?

It is much more than launching a new product or service, taking into account the efficient use of resources. And minimizing the impact on the planet. To talk about eco-innovation, we have to consider strategy, process design, and the relationship with suppliers and customers.

Thus, many companies see eco-innovation as a way to differentiate themselves from other companies and reduce costs, avoiding the waste of energy throughout the process or the use of certain raw materials.

In this way, using fewer materials, such as packaging, generates a higher profit margin that saves costs and even lowers prices. This, together with a branding strategy that highlights the importance of the environment for the company, could be a long-term business strategy. Think about it!


The concept of eco-innovation refers to developing new products or production processes, or even business models, that have a low environmental impact during their life cycle.

This type of innovation frame within the circular economy model, which is increasingly ordinary and necessary. This economic model redefines the current linear model based on the extraction, production, and elimination of resources.

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