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Meesaya Murukku Movierulz – HDRip Tamil Movie Watch Online Free

Meesaya Murukku Movierulz – Meesaya Murukku is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language musical romantic comedy film. And also, a partially fictional biopic of Adhi’s youth, the film was released on July 21, 2017. And also, the film starred 17 beginning actors. He was then remade into Kannada in 2019 as Padde Huli.

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Details of Meesaya Murukku Movierulz – (Star Cast and More)

Director   Hip-hop Tamizha Aadhi
Producer   Sundar C., and also Kushboo
Star Cast Hip-hop Tamizha Aadhi, Aathmika, and also Vivek RJ Vigneshkanth, and also Vijayalakshmi
Editor Fenny Oliver
Production Company Avni Cinemax, and also Avni Movies
And also, Distributor Rock Fort Entertainment
Release Date 21 July 2017
Running Time 136 minutes
Country India
And also, Language Tamil

How to Download Meesaya Murukku Movierulz Full Movie?

meesaya murukku movierulz

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More About the Meesaya Murukku Movie

meesaya murukku movierulz

Aadhi and Jeeva, based in Coimbatore, have been close friends since childhood. Aadhi’s father, Professor Ramachandran, is accommodating of his interests in music and extracurricular activities. And also, Aadhi joins an electrical engineer and falls in love with his classmate, Nila, who was his childhood friend. Nila comes from a wealthy family, and also her parents are against love. And also, despite Nila’s reservations, she also falls in love with Aadhi.

Aadhi is well recognized in college for his Tamil blows, and he has a YouTube “Hip-hop Tamizha” page. And also, a few weeks before her final exams, Nila’s family learns about her relationship with Aadhi. And also, Nila’s father and uncle threaten Adhi’s family to break their love. geetha govindam hero name After graduating, Aadhi expressed his interest in moving to Chennai and becoming a freelance musician; therefore, he also faces opposition.

And also, Aadhi convinces his father and promises him that he will come back in a year if he cannot succeed. And also, Aadhi also promises Nila that he will look for a job after a year and marry her. Nila and also Aadhi’s father half accept their promises, and also Aadhi’s father does not provide financial support.

Aadhi and Jeeva arrive in Chennai with instruments. They stay with their high school students and struggle to find opportunities, but all efforts fail. And also, a year passes, and the duo decides to return to Coimbatore. Before departure, Aadhi and also Jeeva encounter Ma Ka Pa Anand of Radio Mirchi, who allows her to sing “Club Le Mabbu Le” on her show, after which they come to Coimbatore.

More Story

meesaya murukku movierulz

On his father’s advice, Aadhi enrolled in an MBA in Chennai. Suddenly, he discovers that the video for “Club Le Mabbu Le” has gone viral on social networks. And also, it has attracted thousands of followers. And also, Aadhi’s hope is rekindled, and he decides to continue looking for an opportunity in the music industry and promises his father that he will complete his graduate studies.

At the same time, a large music company approaches Aadhi for a paid concert in Chennai. And also, as Nila has not consented to any marriage proposal, Nila’s father threatens her to commit suicide and arranges a wedding for her. And also, Aadhi is surprised to learn that Nila’s parents have arranged a marriage for her.

Aadhi secretly meets Nila and asks her to wait another year, to which Nila disagrees, replying that she had already waited a year and that it is all over. And also, Aadhi is heartbroken and travels to Chennai. And also, Nila is married according to her parents’ wishes, while Aadhi becomes a famous personality in hip-hop music, and within 5 years, Aadhi and Jeeva become renowned music directors in cinema.

Meesaya Murukku Songs

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. “Great Ji” Hip-hop Tamizha 4:21
2. “Machi Enggalukku Ellam” And also, Hiphop Tamizha 2:29
3. And also, “Enna Nadanthalum” Kaushik Krish, and also Hip Hop Tamizha 4:05
4. “Maatikichu” Mahalingam, and also Hip Hop Tamizha 3:17
5. And also, “Vaadi Nee Vaadi” Rajan Chelliah, and also Hip Hop Tamizha 3:05
6. “Meesaya Murukku – Title Track” Kharesma Ravichandran, and also Hiphop Tamizha 3:42
7. “Sakkarakatti” Hiphop Tamizha 3:09
8. And also, “Vaadi Pulla Vaadi(Additional Song)” And also, Hip-hop Tamizha 4:30


In the conclusion of this article, we have mentioned all the essentials about how to download Meesaya Murukku Movierulz full movie. And also, we hope you find this article informative. And also, we ask that you leave your comments in the comments section, and also we’ll be happy to see our readers in the comments section.

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