What are Mobile Apps? – Origin, Uses, Data Access, and More

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What are Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are agendas designed to run on phones, tablets, and other mobile plans, which allow the user to achieve professional activities, access services, stay informed among the different universe of possibilities.

What is the Origin of Mobile Apps?

It is known that the first applications see in the late 90s. We are not speaking about apps for smartphones, but analog ones. YES! these are also considered applications. The plan, games like the famous snake, Tetris, ringtone editors, tools to personalize the phone, etc., fulfilled fundamental functions compared to what we have today. However, by the time they came out.

They meant a considerable advance in the way we looked at older cell phones (blocks), and they opened up a vast market, whose competition is, and continues to be, so voracious; that has allowed us to enjoy increasingly practical, valuable, and incredible tools.

EDGE technology before and after, the fact of connecting to the Internet made the most of the opportunities, attracted the eyes of visionaries and new investors. But instead or later, this would come true, and it was not long. To this date, there were still enormous restrictions on the part of the manufacturers. These were the owners of the OS that came by default in the devices, which prevented external developers from having the ability to incorporate new elements.

What are the most Used Mobile Apps?

It can say that the most used mobile applications are those that have earned the preference of the public, not only for their appearance but also for their usability, good performance, excellent design, and the user experience that they are capable of providing. There are almost countless existing apps, but the ones we are about to mention are in the top trading of those that it is practically impossible not to have on your cell phone.

Facebook is undoubtedly the most used app in recent years, with millions of downloads worldwide and a growing community of followers. It can say that more people use social networks from their cell phones than from computers.

1. WhatsApp

This messaging application almost completely displaced standard SMS due to its superb usability and, above all, because of the possibility of connecting with whoever you want without territorial restrictions.

2. YouTube

Video dominates users’ preference in terms of information consumption, so downloading from YouTube is an idea that already positions digital consumers’ minds.

3. Amazon

Online purchases are growing every day. The Amazon store dominates the market with the help of its app, where the user can choose and reliably insert whatever they like into the cart. In this way, while you are out for a walk in a park, you can buy a pair of shoes and wait for them to come home.

4. Google Maps

This app has gained strength in everyday life and also in the workplace. Its easy handling and the utility it provides to those who consume it make it indispensable. With it, you will be able to locate yourself in any direction, indicating how to get to any place, either by marking routes on the map or voice guidance. It is often the favorite of millions of carriers and couriers worldwide.

5. Instagram

The social network with a high impact on images could not be left behind. It has become one of the choices of millions of users who prefer it for its most personal use. It has instant messaging, stories, and the possibility of gaining followers faster than any other social network.

6. Telegram

The app that tries to replace WhatsApp in a way very well accepted by consumers due to its stability. If you don’t know it, we recommend you try it!

7. Gmail

The world of email marketing is still capable of offering excellent results, and it is that simply everything is still handled by mail. The vast majority of existing applications and social networks require a Gmail account to start, so keeping an eye on our notifications from your cell phone is the best alternative.

The apps reviewed here have become examples to follow for the new applications that are under development. The design is thinking about the user’s needs, which places them in the first place.

What Data can Mobile Apps Access?

When you download mobile applications, they usually tell you what types of data it needs to access in the installation process. Important that you pay attention to this. It can be delicate, even unsafe, in particular cases. Some of these types of data can be:

It should note that some applications can only access the data necessary for their operation. Others can access other data but only with permission.

In most of the top OS, reading the authorizations is possible before installing an application. By reading them, you will find some helpful information that can reveal what data can access through the application. If you are not convinced, it may be more sensible to look for other alternatives in many cases.

Difference between Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

It expects that some users tend to confuse mobile applications with mobile websites, but in reality, the difference is straightforward. When we talk about an App, we refer to programs installed in the device’s software, making them stay there permanently.

And you can use them continuously. These will require a data connection for their use depending on their nature. But they will not disappear from the mobile even when you do not have an internet connection.

Now, when we talk about a mobile website, we refer to a page that has been created under a responsive mode and can view and adjust to their screens. In other words, you enter the URL of the web page you want to search from your Smartphone or tablet.

And as soon as it appears, you will see how it adapts to your viewing space, but it does not mean that you have any program installed. Simply by leaving the link, you will no longer view the site, and the process will go to that point. Therefore, it is essential to have data to be able to access a mobile website.

Why do Mobile Apps have Banner Ads?

The most efficient strategy for developers to offer applications at a lower cost is by adding advertising space to lower prices. That is why, when you start to look on the internet for some product miraculously, advertisements related to them appear before you, nothing is by chance!

They sell their holes to advertising networks, which sell these same spaces to advertiser networks. In addition, these advertising networks evaluate the information provided by users through the applications to find out which products are the best for them according to their search guidelines.


Mobile apps are an open window to communication. The proper use of them and all the information they can provide to carry out any activity are relevant. Use them with knowledge and in the best way to get the best out of it.

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