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startup company

Startup Company Definition

A startup company is a newly created company that markets products and services through the concentrated practice of information and communication technologies (ICTs) by a scalable business model which allows rapid and sustained growth over time.

This solid technological component allows them to scale their business in an agile and fast way and with a lower capital requirement than traditional companies.

Characteristics of Startup Company

They generally develop innovative business replicas. It purposes with minimal costs, lower than old-style companies. It’s main impartial is too overgrown. They obtain financing mainly through secluded investors or business angels.

They generally do not need significant capital investments for their development. However, the intensive use of technology allows them to produce economics of scale that translate into substantial revenues.

Your primary tool to make by hand known in the market is the internet. They invest significant financial resources in hiring skilled professionals to implement successful online marketing strategies.

The Customer Service department is usually an area where they place a lot of emphasis. They seek to simplify the marketing or service provision processes.

They generally operate with a horizontal and constantly evolving organization chart. And also, they seek to adapt at all times to their continuous growth.

The workers of this type of company must be highly qualified.

They naturally assume risks as a path to success, trying new ways of working and communicating with the consumer. Failure always involves knowledge. They are always in constant evolution.

Advantages of Startup Company

Due to the intensive use of ICT, start-ups have many expansion opportunities compared to other companies. This allows them to lower operating costs and reach a wider audience, which means less investment.

The forecast of being able to generate profits in a relatively short time encourages private investors, shaped by business angels, to make substantial capital and even personnel contributions to support company growth. In many bags, they even offer ideas and make a significant contribution to driving this development forward.

There are so-called startup incubators that support entrepreneurs in their start-up phase. In addition, startup accelerators help these companies, once established, grow faster.

Some startups also carry out their activities without physical space, as every employee can work remotely. In many cases, they don’t require a lot of staff either. This type of company encourages teamwork and creativity to develop innovative ideas.

Its horizontal organizational chart enables easy decision-making and direct communication between employees, which leads to more participation and an essential contribution to ideas.

The application of new business and communication models meets the expectations of users or customers, as they allow them to express their ideas and comments on the products or services received. In many cases, the result is an increase in quality and efficiency.

Working in a startup conveys a sense of belonging that rarely create in traditional companies. Many expansion ideas contributed by the same employee, creating a valuable experience and continuous learning.

As a rule, the members of an emerging company are young, but more experienced people come along regardless of their age. Non-hierarchical companies have a wide range of opportunities for professional and personal development.

You usually have tax advantages depending on the country in which the company found.

Disadvantages of a Startup Company

  1. They operate in an environment of continuous doubt, subject to operational changes depending on the results obtained, which often deliver little stability to workers.
  2. The period in the office is not precise. Unpaid overtime usually does.
  3. Lower salaries are likening to stable companies.
  4. Broad responsibilities and generally not very well clear.
  5. The delivery areas in the works must be rigorous so as not to collide with other company projects.
  6. Its rapid growth may require investment amounts over several years without guaranteeing a return to investors. It is an investment in venture capital.
  7. Investors sometimes become unmotivated because they don’t see quick results and pressure CEOs to make changes that bring a quick return on investment.
  8. The startup is like a roller coaster, and it has ups and downs. Most fail in the first months of formation; not all manage to position themselves positively.

The Relationship between Startup and Online Marketing

Many entrepreneurs have realized the power of online marketing to grow their businesses. Every day, many entrepreneurs are willing to invest their money in professionals capable of implementing successful digital marketing strategies. It is not a fashion.

And also, it is a necessity. The same goes for startups: they get ahead thanks to a good idea and an excellent online marketing strategy.

The intensive use of technology, methods and human capital allows them to acquire customers online and make sales through their online or web store. Later, web analytics will help you refine these methods and improve their effectiveness.

And also, it is a reality that a startup with an excellent digital marketing strategy cannot maintain: a growth hacker, an SEO manager, a performance manager, a UX manager are job profiles that are in increasing demand.

How to Create a Startup Company?

As we saw in the startup examples that we just mentioned, some different forms and circumstances allow the formation of a startup company. However, we want to share a series of guidelines and steps that we hope will help you create a startup.

To create a startup, there must be a series of essential conditions. Here are the most important ones.


A startup company is an emerging company dominated by an innovative business philosophy that is scalable and dynamic. With this theoretical appetizer, it is time to see a broader definition of a startup, and also exploring the characteristics that make a company acquire such status in the market.

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