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5 Crime Thrillers That You Should Be Hooked On To Right Now

Crime Thrillers That You Should Be Hooked – Crime is that element that has always intrigued us!

Whether it is the fear factor or the bizarreness of it, a good crime thriller story will always keep us hooked until we finish it.

If crime thrillers always tweak your adrenaline rush, and you love to watch them, biting your nails and sweating with anticipation through the climax, then you have reached the right place.

We have collected the   thrillers and selected the best seven. Then, we will elaborate on why they will perfectly complete your next movie night.

You won’t be disappointed!

So take the coziest blanket out, since thriller is the reason and it is the season, and get streaming.

Want Free Thrillers?

The thrillers that we will be presenting underneath might not find their place in those streaming services.

So why not save some money rather than paying for those expensive streaming networks.

But then, how are you going to watch them!

The Pirate Bay is at your rescue!

This is a peer-to-peer domain where you can find all the thriller content that you have ever wanted. Not just your favorite movies and series, but also the best thriller games that you have been dying to play.

Free thrillers for life, what could be better than that!

Five Thriller To Keep You At The Edge Of Your Seat

If a thriller is not keeping you hooked, your adrenaline high with constant nail-biting, it is not a great thriller!

That’s why we have scored over the internet, gone through audience reviews, and brought you the best thrillers of all time!

1. Psycho [1960]

There is something about this Hitchcock movie that keeps us going back!

There is no thriller enthusiast who has not watched this movie, and if you haven’t, then don’t wait any longer.

The story is about a hotel owner Norman Bates, but it is not that simple. There is a lot hidden behind the doors of The Bates Motel.

2. The Girl On The Train [2016]

Emily Blunt’s phenomenal acting brought the novel to life!

A struggling alcoholic is depressed after the loss of her job and marriage, but the story doesn’t end with this dramatic front.

Our protagonist Rachel spends most of her physical being on a train while her mental state obsesses over her ex-husband and his new wife.

However, things take a dark turn now when she gets accused of disappearance, and she can’t seem to remember anything.

3. Get Out [2017]

A true psychological thriller in all its essence!

It shows the dark and twisted side of psychological tricks like cognitive hypnosis and the ultra-realistic lives of racist minds.

This is the perfect thriller to ornament your Saturday night if you want to delve into the scary reality of our political mind and the racial discrimination faced in America.

No supernatural needed to be terrified!

4. Now You See Me [2013]

If you are a fan of the heist trope, this movie is for you!

Your jaws will remain hung for the entire time, as you will witness the great team of illusionists named ‘The Four Horsemen’ who carry out great heists with their skills.

Do not try to decipher those illusions because you will fail each time miserably. After all, if the FBI couldn’t, how do you suppose your novice eyes could.

5. Dial M For Murder [1957]

A failed murder, and a frantic run, and Grace Kelly!

The three great things you need in a murder mystery. The thriller revolves around a wealthy Ex tennis player who discovers his wife’s affair and plans of murdering her.

Simple plot! A little angst.

However, it doesn’t remain that simple when the plan doesn’t go as planned. So now, the husband must concoct another plan which will protect him from the police.

But, what about the five, does she find out?

Now, that’s the mystery.

A Thrilling Night!

There you have it!

Five best crime thrillers of all time which you can start watching right now. You always have the pirate bay to rescue if you cannot find one in your expensive streaming service.

So, go download them right away and get watching!

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