B2B Marketing Strategies Write For Us

B2B Marketing Strategies Write For Us

B2B Marketing Strategies

Suppose you do a Google search for B2B marketing strategies. In that case, it’s straightforward to find articles that provide the generic list of marketing strategies we already know to be true: SEO, PPC, email, social media, marketing referrals, loyalty programs, and more. And many of the themes that cut across these strategies are repetitive: know your target audience, personalize and use your data.

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Best B2B Marketing Strategies: General Strategy

As the workforce evolves, new pandemic trends emerge, and major platforms make (significant) changes (see you soon, cookies), the best ways to execute future-proof B2B marketing strategies will be slightly different each year. Here are some general approaches to take regarding recent reports. You might also be interested in the top marketing strategies working now.

1. Target Millennials

By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. According to Merit’s B2B Millennials report, 73% of millennials make decisions about purchasing products or services at their company, and 30% are the sole decision-makers.

This means tailoring your B2B marketing strategies to millennial preferences, such as:

  • Response speed (e.g., via live chat).
  • Simple mobile experiences (thanks to formatting and geofencing).
  • Participation in social networks (and not only on LinkedIn!).
  • Reasoned marketing.

2. Complete your Automation with AI

Marketing automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are not the same. Marketing automation software aims to help humans perform simple, repetitive tasks. It still requires setting up workflows in various scenarios and using the data to perform manual optimizations. AI, however, uses data to mimic human intelligence and reasoning to make predictions, suggest optimizations, and apply them dynamically.

Combining automation and artificial intelligence gives you the best of both worlds: you get the efficiency and time savings of automation plus the ability to recommend and make adjustments to automation using data-driven insights.

Here are some examples of how AI can increase automation:

  • Tools that write subject lines or parts of emails within your email automation platform that are highly personalized.
  • Innovative bid strategies or statistics page in Google Ads
  • Using past data for more accurate prospect scoring in a CRM.
  • Now that we’ve covered the general topics let’s talk about ways to apply them to the most popular B2B marketing channels: SEO, PPC, social media, and email.

3. Create Professional Development Content

Even if you are a business selling to another company, the buyer is still an individual with a specific role in your industry. And solutions aren’t the only thing they’re looking for online. They also seek ways to train, develop their skills, and advance their careers. Create professional development content to establish your expertise while connecting with prospects and tapping into a new set of relevant keywords.

4. Make Sure your Emails Contain Plain Text Alternatives

You should still have a plain text version even when sending an HTML email. This helps your emails pass through spam, security, and privacy filters and makes direct text emails more compatible with smartwatches and voice-assisted devices. This guide from Litmus walks you through creating an optimized plain-text email.

5. Increase Click-through Rates with Video Emails

We all know video marketing has been the rookie of the year for the past five years. And email marketing has always been the MVP. So why not combine them? This winning combination can increase click-through rates by up to 300%.

You can use the video as a trailer for content you want readers to click on, for product or feature launches, to reveal your company culture, or as part of a series of tutorials to nurture audience leads.

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Why Write For Us at Techbizcenter – B2B Marketing Strategies Write For Us

Why Write For Us at Techbizcenter – B2B Marketing Strategies Write For Us

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