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Virtual Communities

Virtual communities are called certain groups of subjects (individuals, groups, and institutions ) that concentrate on ordering data processed online from online services. In other words, they are groups of individuals and institutions organized cybernetically around a range of specific interests whose interactions, links, relationships, and communications occur through the Internet.

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Virtual communities can be very diverse and specific, involving people from geographically and culturally distant backgrounds, organized around a common theme of their passion or interest, and a virtual “space” that can be determined by a Web page or an On service. -line.

Characteristics of Virtual Communities

Virtual communities are usually characterized as follows:

  • They involve individuals of different origins who may come from distant geographies, diverse social groups, etc.
  • They organize their members around a specific theme or interest, whether it be discussion around certain topics, joint literary creation, video games, the opportunity for romantic dates, etc.
  • It has no physical anchor in the real world but a digitally available service or Web page.
  • It prints a sense of belonging in its members as strong as traditional communities, whether or not it lends itself to physical and face-to-face exchange.

Examples of Virtual Communities

Some examples of virtual communities today are:

Twitter: A social network that allows you to set up a bulletin board to read, share, and comment on the news with other users worldwide.

Microsoft Community: A virtual forum that groups users of Microsoft products and allows them to interact with the company, obtain solutions to technical problems, make recommendations, express their opinions, etc.

Wikipedia: Beyond the information open for consumption on the Internet, there is a very diverse community of collaborators, anonymous or not, who discuss the articles, correct them, create new ones, translate, and help keep the collective encyclopedic project up to date.

Tinder: It is a social network that operates as a community of romantic interests, allowing its users to meet new people and get in touch with them to manage dates and establish love relationships. It has a version intended solely for the gay public, known as Grindr.

eMule: Peer-to-peer (p2p) connection software allows users to exchange data and virtual information from their computers and create cooperative databases to share personal information.

Letralia: Once this web page was a mass mailing system ( mailing list ) and is currently an essential community of information on literary matters, in which texts are published, calls are disseminated, contests are announced, etc.

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Virtual Communities Write For Us

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