Blackboard MDC – How to Access your Courses on Blackboard MDC?

Blackboard MDC – How to Access your Courses on Blackboard MDC?

Blackboard MDC is a web-based course management system designed to allow Miami Dade College students and faculty to participate in courses delivered online or use online materials and activities to supplement online instruction face to face.

How to Access Your Courses on Blackboard MDC?

The MDC Blackboard portal provides secure access to the university’s online learning management system. This article describes how students, graduate students, and faculty can access their courses on the MDC Blackboard portal. The MDC Blackboard login gives you access to systems and other course materials.

Below are the steps for logging into MDC Blackboard to access your courses:

What is Blackboard MDC Learn?

Miami Dade College (MDC) provides a secure Blackboard login page for students, faculty, and other academic and teaching staff. This portal can access course materials, grades, and additional important information. Instructors can create online courses that students can also access through Blackboard Learn.

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Advantages of Blackboard MDC

Blackboard Learn provides a proper central storage medium for students, professors, and teachers. Students can access online courses, search for scheduled classes and attend conferences. At the same time, instructors and faculty members can also use this platform to design online courses and host online courses.

The other advantages of this platform are:

The Blackboard MDC Collaborates Ultra

How to sign in to Blackboard MDC Collaborate Ultra?

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for Blackboard MDC Collaborate Ultra. You may experience technical issues when using other browsers.

Click your campus link, then enter your first and last name to join the Blackboard Room session:

How to Login to Blackboard MDC?

To log in to the MDC Learning Management System,

Go to

Enter your username.

Enter your password.

Click “Login” to access your course dashboard.

If you need assistance with the Blackboard MDC student login, please get in touch with support or the help desk at 305-237-2505.

How do I Change Blackboard MDC Password?

Students can also choose to change their password if they have any reason for unauthorized access to their MDC Blackboard account.

  1. Enter in your browser and click on Change my password.
  2. Enter the required information, including your current and new passwords.
  3. Complete the captcha and click submit to change your MDC Blackboard password.

How to Create Blackboard MDC School Account?

Without a student or Miami Dade College account, you won’t be able to access or use many of the board’s features. Before creating an account, there are a few details that you will need to provide, and these are your social security number or student number, first name, last name, and date of birth.

Once you understand them, enrolling as an MDC student will be like a walk in the park. The system will want to know who you are, and you must provide the information in their respective text boxes.

To get started, go to the MDC student account registration page.

About Miami Dade College (MDC)

Miami Dade College (MDC) is a public university in Miami, Florida. This total has eight campuses and twenty-one extension centers throughout Miami-Dade County. It is the largest university in the Florida College System, with over 165,000 students, and the second-largest university or college in the United States.

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Why is Learning Blackboard MDC important for Students and Teachers?

Miami Dade College is a public university that enrolls significantly more Hispanic students each year than other colleges in Florida. MDC Blackboard is a platform between students and teachers to establish accessible communication.

The Blackboard system automatically handles course registrations. Classes are private and are only accessible to teachers and their students.

The MDC web portal also enables interaction between students and teachers online, making it easy to learn and share online work in one place and access it from anywhere and at any time.

Teachers can conduct student surveys that can only be read by teachers, allowing them to verify the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Students can see if they are doing well in class at any time.

MDC Blackboard is used to publish course content, maintain an electronic grade book, administer surveys or tests, electronically collect and submit assignments, and much more.

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Features of Blackboard MDC

1. Course Content

Learn how to create a content area, create an item in the content area, and select options. Learn how to paste text and tables, insert an image, link, and format text in the content editor area. You can learn how to upload a single file with the browse feature and multiple files with the drag and drop feature.

2. Course Menu

Instructors can customize their course menu. They can add/remove different content areas specific to their course. You must review each content area of ​​the course menu to familiarize yourself with the course settings.

Instructors can send announcements to students enrolled in their courses to alert them to changes, reminders, and upcoming events.

3. Tests and Surveys

Instructors use quizzes to assess your mastery of course content and objectives. Your teacher assigns points to questions in a test. Students submit their examinations for grading, and the results are listed. They can see their grades as soon as teachers make them available to students.

4. Classification and Grade Center

Learn how to turn on anonymous grading for a specific assignment and delegate grading responsibilities to someone else (assistant or instructor). Learn how to create categories, assign Grade Center items to a class, and assign weights to each category.


In this article, I try to give you authentic information about logging in and learning Blackboard MDC. But if you have any questions, queries, or suggestions in mind, please express your opinion using the feedback form below, and we will get rear to you as soon as possible,

FAQs for Blackboard MDC

Miami-Dade College Connections

If you would like to contact a representative of Miami-Dade College by email address, office address, and telephone number, you may use the contact information below:

Address:  300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132, USA.

Contact:  +1 305-237-2000.

email: ,

Safety/Emergency Phone Number

Don’t hesitate to contact the emergency number below if you attend a Miami-Dade College class for safety purposes.

Hialeah : 305-237-8701

to plant: 305-237-5100

Kendall: 305-237-2100

Medical: 305-237-4100

North: 305-237-1100

Census: 305-237-6046

West: 305-237-8100

Wolfson : 305-237-3100

How do I access the Blackboard MDC login page?

To access the Miami Dade College (MDC), Blackboard Learn login page:

How do I reset my Blackboard MDC password?

But you forgot your password, follow the steps underneath to reset it:

How do I download the Blackboard MDC mobile apps for Apple and Android?

You can download your Blackboard mobile apps online. Click on the respective links to download (Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

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